13 Actors Who Are Widely Recognized By A Character They Play And Not By Their Real Name

Actors’ acting careers are full of roles in great projects. They have played various characters in a wide variety of film genres, from romantic comedy to action-horror or even epic musicals and many of them have risen to fame and fortune. Despite playing many characters in countless productions, some actors are recognized by a character.
It seems that they are unable to escape the aura of their well-known characters. They always stay in one iconic role that is associated with their whole careers. They even are not remembered by their real names and this broke their hearts.
According to Reddit, we’ve rounded up some actors who are not recognized by their real names but by a character they portray.

#1 Alfonso Ribeiro

Source: Mercedes-Benz

He'll always be the stuck-up kid on Silver Spoons to me. (dave1dmarx)

#2 Jaleel White

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Jaleel White Don't forget about Stefan. (maverick1ba)
"Jaleel? There is no Jaleel. Only Steve, it's always been, Steve". (Newzealand)

#3 Josh Radnor

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Ted Mosby, don't even know his real name, he's just Ted Mosby to me. (Ok-Swordfish-3272)

He just doesn't like being associated with Ted at the expense of his own identity. He's said that fans only want to talk to him and treat him like he's Ted and not as the person he actually is. While his acting career didn't take off, he also hit the acting jackpot already. He had barely done anything of note prior to HIMYM and then he suddenly landed the lead in a nine-season prime-time sitcom. Assuming he had good contracts he doesn't have to work for the rest of his life. (05110909)

#4 Jack Gleeson

Source: Wikipedia

The fact that there was no line is sad. He's a phenomenal actor and from what most people say, a nice person. (Majestic-Aardvark-69)
Sadly, the pressure of the spotlight and people's inability to separate the actor from character have contributed to Jack Gleeson giving up acting. I'm told in person he's a really fantastic down-to-earth human being and we know his acting talent is extraordinary. I've seen photos of Caligula's statue (the Roman style bust sculpture) and his face is a dead ringer for Joffrey. (NobodysFavorite)
He didn't actually give up acting! I know him personally and he just wants a break from big parts, which is sad since he had very few for such a promising acting career. He wants to return after a while back at his roots, Irish theatre. (TittyCroissant69)

#5 Luke Youngblood

Source: HBO

He’s Lee Jordan, best friend of the Weasley twins. (soulpulp)
Which is crazy, because his actual name (Luke Youngblood) is pretty cool. (JessicaGriffin)

#6 Christopher McDonald

Source: Wikipedia

He goes on Cameo as Shooter McGavin. He has fully embraced it, and he's awesome. (shinjirod)
For better or worse, it's not like he was landing high-profile gigs at the time of The Incident. (ExUpstairsCaptain)

#7 John Malkovich

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Malkovich chewing on the scenery in the movie "Rounders" is one of my favorite cinematic moments. (talex365)

#8 Rainn Wilson

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At least Rainn Wilson looks sort of regular without the haircut and glasses but Jim will always be Jim. (Spankpocalypse_Now)
To be fair, I didn't realize it was Jim in that scary movie with the aliens that hear stuff until near the end when my sister walked in and was like "hey that's Jim". (TrashPandaAntics)

#9 Wayne Knight

Source: thefamouspeople

He was even basically Newman in "Jurassic Park". (Zolo49)

#10 Tom Felton

Source: Alaina Melander

That's probably true of the younger cast members (the students) who were only around 11 when the first film was made, but for the adult cast I would say the opposite is true. Especially here in the UK where the vast majority of them were already very well known. (Rolmeista)

#11 Cassandra Peterson

Source: John Sciulli

Cassandra Peterson, that’s her name? I could’ve gone a lifetime without knowing that. (imnotclever-)

#12 Rowan Atkinson

Source: Wikipedia

“Mr. Bean”? Oh, you mean Blackadder! (OldBob10)

#13 Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Source: Wikipedia

I only know thanks to how much I loved Kick-Ass. (superassholeguy)
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