7 Actors Said They Regret The Iconic Roles They’ve Played

We are all human and sometimes make mistakes. Movie stars are no exception. Some of them regret taking some roles in the past so hard that they wish to travel back in time and take them all back. But, interestingly, some actors can’t stand their roles in some successful movies. Even many of them rose to their stardom with that movie roles.
Indeed, almost people love watching these stars’ characters in their iconic movies.That means these actors might not fail to bring their characters to life. However, some actors seem so severe with themself that they really hate their portrayals in some particular movies. Some even asked to turn off the TV when hearing their voice in that movie. From Carrie Fisher in Star Wars to Kate Winslet in Titanic, all these stars wish to bring more convincing roles to the audiences.
Below are 7celebrities who regret the roles they’ve played. Scroll down and check them out!

#1 Kate Winslet with Titanic

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Most of us love watching Titanic, which always stays in our hearts. But it’s true for Kate Winslet. She admitted that she loved the movie but wasn’t keen on her roles, especially her accent and acting.She shared, “Every scene, I’m like,’ Really? You did it like that? Oh my God ... Even with my American accent, I can’t listen to it. It’s awful.”

#2 Daniel Redcliff with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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We sometimes can’t stand watching ourselves in videos or hearing our voices from a recording. Daniel can’t stand it either. “I never liked watching myself on film, but I do make myself sit through it,” And it’s especially true with his sixth Harry Potter movie because Daniel hates his performance in that movie.“It’s hard to watch a film like Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince because I’m just not very good at it. I wouldn't say I like it. My acting is very one-note, and I can see I got complacent, and what I was trying to do just didn’t come across. My best film is the fifth one (Order Of The Phoenix) because I can see a progression.”

#3 Robert Pattinson with Twilight

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We all agree that Robert Pattinson brilliantly portrayed Edward Cullen in Twilight. However, he wasn’t a fan of his character. He found that Edward Cullen in the book was not only a good-looking and humorous person but also excellent at everything. And the actor shared, “The more I read the script, the more I hated this guy, so that’s how I played him, as a manic-depressive who hates himself.”

#4 Ryan Reynolds with Green Lantern

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Ryan Reynolds has appeared in over 100 movies, but he only wasn’t pleased with his portrayal in Green Lantern. "At the time, it was a huge opportunity for me, so I was excited to try and take part in it.“...but when he compared the role with his Deadpool character, he said, “Deadpool always knew what it was. With Green Lantern, I don’t think anyone ever figured out exactly what it was.”
Still, Reynolds might not be happy about his role in Green Lantern, but there was one thing to trade back- he met his wife Blake Lively on the set.

#5 Halle Berry with Catwoman

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Although the superhero movie grossed 82M dollars and achieved several awards, Halle Berry wasn’t happy with her performance in the film. The actress considered that she failed to bring the character to life, “I remember having that argument: ‘Why can’t Catwoman save the world as Batman and Superman do? Why is she just saving women from a face cream that cracks their face-off?’”

#6 Jessica Alba with Fantastic Four

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During the shooting of the Marvel movie Fantastic Fours: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Jessica Alba even wanted to quit. Because the actress believed she was asked to be prettier when crying. She revealed, “The director was like, ‘It looks too real. It looks too painful. Can you be prettier when you cry?... Don’t do that thing with your face. Just make it flat. We can CGI the tears in.”
Then, she doubted her acting abilities, “It all got me thinking, Am I not good enough? Are my instincts and my emotions not good enough? Do people hate them so much that they don’t want me to be a natural person?”

#7 Zac Efron with High School Musical

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Zac Efron rose to his stardom with the role in High School Musical, but he wasn’t pleased with his portrayal in that movie, “The second we finished the first one, I was 17. And I said, ‘Guys, you know this is not what I want to do?’ And they were like, ‘Really?’”
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