16 Celebs Who Have Been Working Hard On Their Profession, And Image

Because of the nature of the job, which requires constant changes in appearance for different movie roles and events, celebrities frequently refresh their look. While some stars only change their hairstyles, others give their look quite a transformation. Some famous names look like different people with the new style!
Therefore, we decided to take a trip back in time to see the difference in some celebrities' appearances in the long river of time. Looking at these comparisons below, you will be astonished at what these famous entertainers have done to their image! Scroll down and explore!

#1 Bradley Cooper

Source: Jim Spellman / Contributor / WireImage / gettyimagesMega Agency / East News

Cooper had blonde hair and a messy haircut at the beginning of his career. But that old vision is no longer here since Cooper is wearing a tuxedo with a bow tie. And his natural hair color is back, revealing his forehead.

#2 Emma Watson

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Watson had numerous changes in her hairstyle, for example, a pixie haircut, but later her long hair returned.

#3 Emma Stone

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We frequently see her with bright ginger hair and the bronzer, smoky eye look. But in 2019, the actress appeared entirely different by getting an asymmetrical bob cut and dying her hair brown.

#4 Katy Perry

Source: East NewsEverett Collection / East News

When it comes to her appearance, Katy Perry enjoys experimenting. She's tried dozens of various looks over her career. She had long bangs and had been brunette for a while. Then, to everyone's surprise, she got a boy cut, and now she is a bright blonde. By the way, her favorite red lipstick looks stunning with her new haircut.

#5 Natalia Vodianova

Source: Wyters Alban / ABACA / EAST NEWSGuignebourg Denis / ABACA / Abaca / East News

There was a moment when she truly enjoyed dressing in bright makeup and bright outfits, especially with red lips. But now, Vodianova chooses more subdued hues and minimalist style.

#6 Blake Lively

Source: ZAK BRIAN / SIPA / EAST NEWSInvision / Invision / East News

She had tan skin, let her hair down, and dressed simply at the beginning of her career. But over time, she altered her look to one that is "elegant and luxury."

#7 Charlize Theron

Source: EAST NEWSBirdie Thompson / AdMedia / SIPA / Sipa Press Russia / East News

Charlize Theron has always done changing her appearance well. Her new simple hairstyle and makeup made her appear much younger.

#8 Kerry Washington

Source: DVS / RockinExposures / Capital Pictures / EAST NEWSInvision / Invision / East News

Almost of the time, Kerry Washington had her hair straightened. She has fully let her hair naturally curl now.

#9 Jennifer Lawrence

Source: PHOTOSHOT / REPORTER / eastnewsStars Image Bank / KCS / East News

This young star was a pretty blonde with long light hair at the start of her career, possibly with a spray tan. She wore basic clothes at the end of the 2000s. Since then, she has changed the color of her hair to platinum blonde and adopted a more vintage style.

#10 Kristen Stewart

Source: PHOTOSHOT / REPORTER / eastnewsZabulon Laurent / ABACA / Abaca / East News

As Bella from the Twilight series, Stewart sported long hair. And she now prefers grunge-inspired clothing, bold makeup, and messy hair.

#11 Tom Hardy

Source: Jon Furniss / Contributor / WireImage / gettyimagesAndrew Matthews - PA Images / Contributor / PA Images / gettyimages

He always has a bit of messiness in his look. Now that he uses styling gel, Hardy prefers shorter hairstyles that draw attention to the oval of his face.

#12 Michelle Williams

Source: LFI / Photoshot / REPORTER / eastnewsAXELLE / BAUER-GRIFFIN / MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

First appearing on the big screen as a blonde girl, later she had very trendy, edgy hair for a while. Now the star has gone back to having long hair and colored it a stylish platinum blonde that complements bright makeup.

#13 Anne Hathaway


After cutting her hair short for her role in Les Misérables, Anne experimented with numerous styles and bang lengths. Around the same period, Anne's stylists began to outfit her in edgier attire like leather and suits. But now, she reverted to a more delicate and feminine appearance, complete with stunning curls and chic outfits.

#14 Tilda Swinton

Source: Abaca / EAST NEWSALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP / East News

Her fans are accustomed to seeing Swinton with light hair and little makeup. But now, her hair is longer and strawberry blonde, and she wears brighter makeup.

#15 Elle Fanning

Source: Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP / East NewsJOHN MACDOUGALL / AFP / East News

Starting out her acting career, blonde Elle Fanning preferred wearing her hair down, using natural makeup, and wearing light outfits with lace and flowers. With more sophisticated haircuts, her hairstyle has become more daring recently. She also wears more makeup, highlighting her eyes.

#16 Cate Blanchett

Source: Fred Duval/MEGA / Mega Agency / East NewsMarechal Aurore / ABACA / Abaca / East News

Cate Blanchett rarely has a significant change in hair color. It was typically blonde. But the previous year, she had brown hair and showed up in public. Her attire also underwent a makeover, becoming edgier along with her hair color. But now, Kate is returning to the traditional blonde hair color and expensive clothes that emphasize her stunning natural beauty.
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