10 Facts Of Marilyn Monroe That Reveal Why The Legend Still Amazes The Audience Even Today

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous celebrities of all time. She rose to her stardom with the “blonde bombshell” characters in numerous comedies. Monroe also became a top-billed actress for a decade; her film grossed $200M (equivalent to $2 billion in 2021) by her unfortunate death at 36. Everyone pitied Marilyn Moroe, who created a progressive mindset that is still significantly impacted today.
Indeed, there are so many reasons why people still love her today. Alongside the things that are already iconic, she did a lot of ethical work that few people know. So we admire not only her beauty and talent but also her manner of life icon. There are some stories about Monroe that will blow your mind.
Let’s check out ten facts about why the audience still adores Marilyn today. Scroll down and leave your opinions in the comment section!

#1 She treated people with kindness and helped them whenever she could.

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Marilyn Monroe was a friend of jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, who found her trouble with her race. The producer believed Fitzgerald was not glamorous enough to get a gig. Then, Monroe promised the producer that she would sit in the front seat every night if Ella performed on the stage. That promise helped Ella get a gig and generated publicity.

#2 She supported multiple charities for children.

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Marilyn is famous for her generosity which was proven by numerous charities for kids, including organizations for underprivileged children and a fund that helped abandoned children find their new homes.

#3 Marilyn showed that she could break away from typecasting and play different roles.

Source: Mary Evans/AF Archive/East News

Marilyn Monroe amazed us with her “dumb blonde” roles, but she actually did not like taking them. She wanted to challenge herself in different parts and showed her talent when portraying Cherie in Bus Stop. She was commended for her talent and “accomplished the most difficult feat for any film personality.”

#4 She worked hard and never had anything handed her.


Marilyn Monroe overcame a difficult childhood and spent most of her childhood in foster homes. Monroe got a modeling contract, then minor roles in movies. She faced challenges and finally got some significant movie roles. As you know, she didn’t miss her chance. 

#5 Even though she rose to a world-famous star, she remained “one of the people.”

Source: Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

Celebrities are always associated with fame and wealth, but Marilyn Monroe used cheap and unexpected makeup on her face instead of going the professional route; it was Vaseline.

#6 She dared to fight Hollywood’s studio system.


In the 1950s, studios treated actors terribly and never had much choice. If they refuse any roles, their acting careers would be destroyed permanently. When it came to Moore, she was forced to star in the movie that she hated, River of No Return. She bravely turned down that role and faced a lot of lawsuits from her studio. Anyway, it didn’t matter because she was always the leading woman.

#7 She was the second woman to start her own production company.

Source: East News

Due to the lawsuits in the past, Marilyn Monroe had to leave Twentieth Century Fox. The studio threatened to finish her career, but she established her own company, Marilyn Monroe Productions. After, she was not simply an actress.

#8 She was also well-read and educated.

Source: Courtesy Everett Collection/Everett Collection/East News

Marilyn Monroe owned a collection of over 400 books, and her favorite photos of herself were taken when she was reading. Monroe revealed her method for buying a book was to open a random page in one, read it and take it away if she liked what she read.

#9 She was known for struggling with self-esteem.

Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Collection Christophel/East News

When the camera loved her, she didn’t feel any particular emotion toward it. She was timid in front of it and often lost her focus when the camera pointed at her. She was said to lose her self-confidence. However, she still maintained a professional attitude when continuing her work.

#10 Her wardrobe still be iconic to this day.

Source: © W. H. Photographs / Wikimedia Commons, Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection/East News

At the 2022 Met Gala, one of the biggest modern stars today, Kim Kardashian, wore Monroe’s legendary 1962 dress to the ceremony, which Marilyn had custom-made for her to sing “Happy Birthday” to JFK.
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