18 Famous Actors And Actress Who Are Accused Of Being Rude In Real Life

celebrities,often expose details of their everyday lives on social media or adopt the personas of their movie characters, so it's simple to think of them as our closest friends. Some celebrities, nevertheless, are not at all what they appear. Some celebrities are apparently a great let down when they meet their devoted fans because of how unkind they are in person. Actors, comedians, and other entertainers may develop a negative reputation for being diva-like on the set. Naturally, we aren't always aware of what occurs behind closed doors. (Perhaps an actor recently experienced a bad breakup, or a comedian recently received awful news.) However, some entertainers have a reputation for being mean in real life.
Here is a list of 18 celebrities who let their fame get to them and are rude IRL.

#1 Tobey Maguire

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Tobey Maguire apparently participated in the infamous poker ring with Molly Bloom and had a compulsive gambling problem. In the early 2000s, Bloom scheduled games for a number of A-listers, but Maguire was one of her most regular guests. She said that Maguire was the worst tipper, the finest player, and the absolute worst loser in the movie adaptation of her biography Molly's Game. Maguire allegedly asked her to bark for $1,000 and tried to embarrass her.

#2 Megan Fox

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After the second Transformers movie, Megan Fox was infamously replaced, and it turns out that this was because she was challenging to deal with on set. Fox has retaliated, claiming that Michael Bay was the challenging one and a "nightmare to work for." Because they were devoted to Bay, crew members came forward anonymously to accuse Fox. Because of their turbulent relationship, she was replaced by Rosie Huntington Whitely in the third installment of the series.

#3 Christian Bale

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Christian Bale's previous roles, which include those in Batman and American Psycho, were all incredibly outstanding. Bale apparently made an unprofessional and irate outburst on the set of Terminator Salvation that left many of his coworkers speechless. On a day of filming, Bale completely lost it when Shane Hurlbut, the movie's director of photography, walked into his sight. Bale later expressed regret, but ever since, he has mocked his reputation on set.

#4 Jamie Foxx

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In his autobiography, comedian Tommy Davidson told a few dubious tales about Jamie Foxx. According to Davidson, Foxx stripped Davidson of his underpants on set in an effort to garner a cheap laugh for a sketch, which profoundly insulted him. Significant conflict existed between the two throughout filming and in their subsequent collaboration, the 1997 picture Booty Call.

#5 Pierce Brosnan

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Talk show host James Corden revealed Pierce Brosnan was the most unkind star he had ever encountered. At a U2 concert, Brosnan allegedly shoved Corden while ignoring him completely. When playing the game "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts," Corden refused to consume pigeon spit and said that Brosnan was not at all pleasant. He said that he wasn't generally rude, but that he had been rude to him.

#6 Madonna

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After appearing on the British talk show The Graham Norton Show, Madonna received a lot of backlash. She was perceived by many viewers as being quite nasty to actor Sir Ian McKellen. The Queen of Pop made a few dry comments to the actor and forgot that she had previously met him at a charity event. Forgetting that the two had previously collaborated, Madonna was obviously embarrassed.

#7 Jon Hamm

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Comedian Kathy Griffin has not been shy about criticizing disrespectful celebrities she has encountered. She has been extremely public about her experiences. She described the handsome Jon Hamm as one of the rudest guys she has encountered in her book Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index. Kathy Griffin said that she would never be convinced to like Jon Hamm. He has always given her the impression of being distant and possibly dismissive of her. She speculated that he's one of those handsome guys who, despite being only somewhat humorous, believes that he is comic-level funny.

#8 Cameron Diaz

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The roles that Diaz played in Charlie's Angels and other romantic comedies are most well-known. She isn't renowned for having friendly contacts with her fans though. According to reports, Cameron said that if she signed for one admirer, she would have to sign for everyone else as well. Diaz and Jason Segel exhibited awful attitudes toward their fans who had come to see the Sex Tape premiere.

#9 Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence is renowned for her likable character and sense of humor, but not for treating her fans with courtesy. She even acknowledged that she sometimes acts quite rude to avoid interacting with fans. Jennifer admitted in an interview with Variety that she feels uneasy around fame and the media. She said that being rude is the only way she had to defend herself.

#10 Amy Schumer

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After interfering with a new comedian's stand-up routine in New York City, the funny comedian was called out. While watching a performance, Amy Schumer asked to enter the stage to rehearse her Saturday Night Live monologue from the audience. The on-stage comedian was put on the spot and he agreed. Later, he understood how impolite it was of her to take his place during his debut headlining performance.

#11 Will Ferrell

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This one really hurts. Given how well-liked the comedian Will Ferrell is, it was heartbreaking to learn that he has a reputation for treating his fans badly. It seems that a lot of comedians adopt the dry, sarcastic style that some fans mistake for being harsh. He has a reputation for making fun of his admirers when they ask him for an autograph.

#12 Adam Levine

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After making rude comments about his co-star, Blake Shelton, the former The Voice coach gained notoriety. Levine went so far as to state in one episode that he "hates" his fellow judge. Some could have thought he was simply being ironic, but the awkward silence in the room told a different story. Adam is renowned for his snide humor, but in all honesty, it appears like his followers are tired of it.

#13 Jason Segel

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Jason Segel is renowned for portraying kind-hearted, down-to-earth characters. He is well-known for his roles in romantic comedies and the TV series How I Met Your Mother. Sadly, he does not have a good reputation for being kind to fans. He reportedly once slammed a car door in the face of a fan who wanted a picture with him.

#14 Jerry Seinfeld

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The comedian has a reputation for being unkind to fans, interviewers, and talk show hosts. On a red carpet, one of his most well-known fans, Kesha, once requested a hug from him. He politely declined her request in the most awkward and embarrassing way. It appears that Seinfeld has a strong no-hugging policy, so we suppose it makes sense that he'd reject her. In addition, he has treated other talk show hosts, notably Seth Meyers and Larry King, abhorrently.

#15 Sandra Bullock

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A brutally unpleasant interaction Sandra Bullock had with a fan permanently damaged her reputation. A wheelchair-bound veteran and Bullock fan reportedly approached the celebrity for an autograph. She hid her face and yelled profanities at him after he asked. She may not have time for every fan, but screaming at someone is hardly the appropriate response to a simple request like an autograph. Her reply shocked the onlookers.

#16 Katherine Heigl

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One of the earliest instances of a celebrity being dropped from a project was the Grey's Anatomy actor. (She bad-mouthed her own film Knocked Up in a 2007 Vanity Fair cover interview.) After being nominated for an Emmy in 2008, Katherine seriously damaged relationships after withdrawing her name from consideration because she didn't like the Grey's Anatomy season. Heigl didn't think she was given enough to merit an Emmy nomination. And she removed her name from consideration in an effort to uphold the integrity of the academy organization.
It's understandable that fans and Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the series were offended.

#17 Rachael Ray

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Rachael Ray, a well-known chef and TV personality, might not be as bland as she appears. Several other celebrities, including fellow foodies Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse, and the late Anthony Bourdain, have had negative things to say about the celebrity chef Ray. Every dog lover turned against Rachael after it was discovered that her dog food brand had synthetic components despite her claims that it was all-natural.

#18 Mike Meyers

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Meyers rose to fame after a great run on Saturday Night Live, appearing in the Austin Powers trilogy and lending his voice to the animated films as Shrek. He has, however, gradually faded from view, allegedly as a result of his rude behaviors on set. While he is known for making people laugh on TV, he is (reportedly) a complete diva off-screen. In an interview with The A.V. Club, Meyer's Cat in the Hat co-star Amy Hill admitted that working with him was "miserable." He reportedly kept everyone waiting and even had someone feed him chocolate during filming.
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