10+ Celebrities Who Were Sentenced To House Arrest For Some Reasons

Celebs may get a lot of perks such as being shuttled between their houses and workplaces by cars or having private green rooms. However, when they commit crimes, they are treated like a normal person. They are often punished with house arrest as part of their sentence or as they await trial. They can’t leave their multi-million dollar mansions without permission but they are allowed to use their smartphones, access the Internet, or even meet their relatives. At the end of the day, the law is the law.
Check out now celebrities who have served house arrest sentences. Some of the big names certainly leave you shocked, but your jaw dropped when hearing the causes.

#1 Lindsay Lohan

Source: Andrew H. Walker

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to house arrest for 35 days for the theft of a necklace from a jewelry store. She had a hard time when undergoing 480 hours of community service and completing an anti-shoplifting class.

#2 T.I.

Source: Donna Ward

Rapper T.I. was under house arrest for the purchase and possession of firearms. He paid a 100,000 dollars fine and completed 1000 hours of community service.

#3 Martha Stewart

Source: Britannica

Television personality Martha Stewart lied to federal investigators about the stock sale so she was placed on house arrest for five months in a West Virginia prison camp.

#4 Lauryn Hill

Source: Academy of Achievement

Lauryn Hill was served house arrest for failing to pay taxes on close to 1 million dollars in earnings. During her three months of house arrest, she recorded new music.

#5 Meek Mill

Source: Theo Wargo

Well-known rapper Meek Mill made a reputation after violating his parole in a 2009 case involving gun and drug possession. He was sentenced to house arrest for 90 days.

#6 Lil Kim

Source: lilkimthequeenbee

Lil Kim related in a shooting in 2005 so she was sentenced to a year in Philadelphia prison. Her sentence was reduced to a month and she was just placed in the house because of her good behavior.

#7 Andy Dick

Source: Wikipedia

Believe it or not, Andy Dick transformed his arrest into a major career movie after accusing him of drug possession. In 2009, he turned his house into a talk show while under house arrest.

#8 Michael Vick

Source: biography

Michael Vick was accused of running a dogfighting operation and killing under-performance dogs. Because there was no room at a halfway house for him, he was allowed to finish his sentence under home confinement.

#9 Joe Francis

Source: Wikipedia

Joe Francis was placed under house arrest in 2009 for federal tax evasion. He was ordered to remain on house arrest until March. 7 months later, he took a plea deal and was forced to file for personal bankruptcy.

#10 Bobby Brown

Source: Mega Agency

In 2003, Bobby Brown faced many legal troubles. He was sentenced to 60 days under house arrest for violating probation.

#11 Lenny Dykstra

Source: Doug Mills

Lenny Dykstra pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud. He got his 150,000 dollar bail by agreeing to house arrest at his friend’s house in West Hollywood.
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