10+ Hilarious Tweets From Celebrities That Make You Laugh All Day Long

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms that allow people to connect and share their thoughts with a big audience. Many celebrities have utilized it to grow in popularity. They consider Twitter as a tool to promote a new product or service that they become an ambassador for.
In contrast, some celebrities pop off and share whatever they like. They surprise their fans with hilarious and adorable tweets. Some are so good that they are worth sharing with others, some become a pleasure that brightens someone’s day.
We’ve rounded up some of those funny tweets from celebrities that certainly entertain you. Scroll down to see them.

#1 Danny Trejo

Source: Danny Trejo

How will I ever take him seriously as an evil henchman ever again after seeing him being loved on by all those dogs! (Babsevs)
I have strong suspicions that Danny Trejo might be a giant softie. (Bobby)
He looks like he is going to read them a bedtime story. (B. Nelson)

#2 Ryan Reynolds

Source: Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman is the best but Ryan Reynolds's straight face funny comments are also the best. (EP)
So hard to choose the best actor. (Dan)

#3 Miley Cyrus

Source: Miley Cyrus

Check out Miley Cyrus's "backyard sessions" on YouTube. She handles these songs beautifully (especially "No Love, No Freedom"). I had a lot more respect for her as a singer after I saw those. (WannaKnowWhatIThink?!)
She’s so humble and kind, too! Love this gal! (Tara Dawn)

#4 Danny Trejo

Source: Danny Trejo

"Whoops. These are the real arrows." (Ty Stratton-Quirk)
He is amazingly kind. I had the opportunity to meet him once and, despite my life situation, he treated me like a human being. So appreciated. (Pensive_Panda)

#5 Mark Ruffalo

Source: Mark Ruffalo

Paul Rudd is the best. Oh Mark you’ve hit your mirror. You’re two of the great ones that’s for sure. (EP)
Mark Ruffalo always acts like he is not famous, he is just the dad next door and very excited to meet a celebrity! I love him for that. (giku T)

#6 Jimmy Fallon

Source: Fallon. eth

I'm sure Dwayne "The Rock" was born looking 35! (Babsevs)
The rock and the paper, who will win? (Suzanne Tilson)

#7 Mark Ruffalo

Source: Mark Ruffalo

Wednesday is humpday, after the slow crawl to the middle of the week it is then the gradual slide down to the weekend. I am with Ryan here. (Fitz_N_Fartz)

#8 Chris Evans

Source: Chris Evans

What is the dog sad about? (dev mehta)

#9 Robert Downey Jr.

Source: Robert Downey Jr

"Hey Hunnie bunnies, are you ready for a hoppin cool announcement?" (PjandBolt)
I’m so glad he turned his life around and that someone gave him a chance with Iron Man. (Mistiekim)

#10 Robert Downey Jr.

Source: Robert Downey Jr

So cool to see. So strange how I love the movie scene and this is truly what it is. They do an excellent job bringing it to fruition. (EP)

#11 Hugh Jackman

Source: Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds should be in the background. (Karri Berkowitz)
It’s weird seeing him without the sideburns. (The Blue Spirit)

#12 Reese Witherspoon

Source: Reese Witherspoon

I imagine her saying your honor with the sassiest voice ever, congrats. (Rhea.S888)
Looks like a lawyer I had actually. (Masen Silas)

#13 Tony Hawk

Source: Tony Hawk

He's one of those celebrities whose name is more famous than his face. (LesAnimaux)
I was expecting the "Wow, you look just like Tony Hawk!" he usually gets. (cogadh)

#14 Nick Offerman

Source: Nick Offerman

I can see a seal and a donkey but no fish or mermaid...guess I don't have a brain? (Monday)
I see a donkey too. Where is there a mermaid? (CD King)
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