24 Celebrities Who Are Known As The Most Generous Tippers

Tipping has been initially a norm since the 1900s. We often tip many service industry workers, such as servers, bartenders, hairstylists, nail artists, or doorman. If you enjoy the service, you can leave them a tip. And if there are some worst tippers, that would not be the case with our generous celebrities.
Some celebrities.are known as one of the most generous tippers in the world, including Jay Z, Brad Pritt, Naomi Campbell, and Jimmy Fallon. They are all willing to leave a good tip to waiters or waitresses if they feel they deserve it. Indeed, these celebrities not only showed how they appreciated anybody who gave them the best service but also wanted to share their wealth with other people.
Today, we have compiled a list of 24 celebrities considered the greatest tippers. Let's scroll down and check them out!

#1 Harry Styles

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In 2020, Harry Styles left a $2,020 tip after finishing his meal with Adele and James on their Caribean vacation. The meal was less than $500, and he even left a fantastic message on the receipt that said, "Happy new year!"

#2 Taylor Swift

Source: taylorswift/ instagram

The famous singer-songwriter Taylor Swift reportedly shared a $500 tip and tickets to her concert after a Philadelphia chef told her his autistic son was her big fan.

#3 Jimmy Fallon

Source: flipboard

The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, is reported to tip $400 at Kissaki Sushi in New York after enjoying a meal with his wife. Still, it's not the first time the late-night host has shown off his wealth. In 2018, he picked up the tab for a table of four at Il Mulino that was a whopping $1,136!

#4 Rihanna

Source: rihanna/ instagram

When Rihanna came to a Los Angeles comedy club, she asked the waiter what his largest tip had ever been. He said it was $100; then she gave him $200.

#5 Naomi Campbell

Source: naomi/ instagram

Naomi Campbell is also a great tipper. She left a $9,200 tip when eating out with actress Cameron Diaz in London." She didn't know what to think or say. She was totally stunned by Naomi's great thank you."

#6 H.E.R.

Source: allure

To celebrate her numerous Grammy nominations, the "Hard Place" songstress left a $1,000 tip when she enjoyed a meal at Brooklyn Chop House.

#7 Ellen DeGeneres

Source: wikiwand

Ellen DeGeneres collected a tip of $1.000 for a pizza guy who had come to the Academy Awards and served the celebrities in their seats.

#8 Chrissy Teigen

Source: chrissyteigen/ instagram

Chrissy Teigen tipped an actress $1,000 when visiting an  Outback Steakhouse with her daughter Luna and other guests.

#9 Jim Carrey

Source: imdb

Jim Carrey once left a big tip of $225 on a $151 bill for a waitress in N.Y.C.

#10 Jay-Z

Source: bloomberg

Back in 2011, Jay-Z paid a bill of $250,000 with a $50,000 tip to celebrate an album release at a Miami restaurant.

#11 Kyle Richards

Source: realityblurb

According to the Daily Mail, Kyle Richards gave a valet attendant a whopping $30 tip to bring her car back. How generous she was!

#12 Drew Barrymore

Source: drewbarrymore

Drew Barrymore is willing to tip 100% on her bills. A former bartender was surprised when she paid double the amount of her bill that she did so many times. For example, her $49 bill will be left with a $500 tip.

#13 Mark Cuban

Source: mcuban/ instagram

When the Dallas Mavericks won the N.B.A. championship in 2011, ower Mark Cuban racked up a $110,000 tab, including a $90,000 bottle of champagne. Cuban picked up the bill and left a $20,000 tip. "Worth every penny," he said to the New York Post.

#14 Charlize Theron

Source: wikipedia

Charlize Theron paid with a $100 bill for the $3,75 tab. She gave Pinkberry worker a $96.25 tip.

#15 Jay-Z

Source: wikipedia

Back in 2011, Jay-Z paid a bill of $250,000 with a $50,000 tip to celebrate an album release at a Miami restaurant.

#16 David Beckham

Source: palmbeachpost

In 2008, David Beckham left one of the most generous tips of $1000 on a %100 bill.
"David only drank mineral water," waitress Claudia Belden revealed. "He signed autographs for anyone who asked. He smelled so nice! I hugged him so tight, and he didn't mind at all."

#17 Bono

Source: wikipedia

The rock star Bono enjoyed his meal of a matzah ball soup and a Reuben sandwich with fries and onion rings. He ended up his meal with a $150 cash tip.

#18 Brad Pitt

Source: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock

Brad Pitt reportedly tipped $700 on a $1,000 bill while dining out in Germany.

#19 John Travolta

Source: imdb

In 2012, actor John Travolta left a $100 tip on his $382.69 bill at a New York restaurant.

#20 Russell Crowe

Source: russellcrowe

Russell Crow is also a generous tipper. He was willing to leave a $1,100 tip on his $400 tab.

#21 Bill Murray

Source: wikipedia

His comedy may be dark, but it's no laughing matter when Bill Murray leaves you a tip. Not only has he been known to go 120 percent, but he also tends to engage with servers. He once showed a bartender how to get more juice from a lemon by rolling it on a cutting board before slicing it.

#22 Charlie Sheen

Source: charliesheen/ instagram

Charlie Sheen may be regarded as one of Hollywood's bad boys, but that doesn't mean he's a lousy tipper. The bizarre actor reportedly tipped every staffer $200 at his daughter's sixteenth birthday party.

#23 Peyton Manning

Source: wikipedia

Some people might not consider Peyton Manning a big star by some standards. But she does have class. She left a nice tip of an 18% gratuity plus an extra $200 when she had one evening at a North Carolina restaurant.

#24 Drew Carey

Source: drewfromtv/instagram

According to Forbes, the comedian Drew Carey enjoyed a meal at a steakhouse and made an L.A. chef surprised when he left a $400 tip on his $250 bill.
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