Comedic Actors Doing Dramatic Serious Roles And NAILING IT

The capacity to make an audience laugh is not possessed by every actor. While some actors have always moved seamlessly between genres, others have established a reputation as purely comedic actors. It can take numerous films or a single career-defining part to gain this reputation.
In any event, an actor may opt to break out of the box that made them famous. Those on the following list subsequently choose to take on more serious parts and broaden their horizons. They nailed their parts and wowed the audience with their serious dramatic talent. So, while it's still simple to chuckle when viewing their comedic work, everyone now knows that these comedians can also thrive in more somber parts.

#1 Will Smith

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing

He was clearly the Fresh Prince, and he has continued to do crazy, wonderful things like Wild Wild West and Men in Black. He has, however, given superb dramatic performances, such as The Pursuit of Happiness and I Am Legend.

#2 Mary Tyler Moore

Source: Paramount Pictures

Her appearances on The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show are well-known. She was a fantastic comic talent before starring in Ordinary People, and gosh, her RANGE!

#3 Katey Sagal

Source: FX

'Oh, come on...Peggy Bundy is here?' I thought when I first saw her in Sons of Anarchy. 'Damn, I thought this concert was going to be good.' Within minutes, my perspective had been altered – she was wonderful.

#4 Jim Carrey

Source: Focus Features

He's a fantastic comedian, but he's also a talented dramatic actor. He's gone a long way since In Living Color, and he's particularly impressive in The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

#5 Catherine Tate

Source: BBC

She is best known as a comedian for her work on The Catherine Tate Show, but she was cast as Donna Noble, the Doctor's companion in Doctor Who. While her character had a humorous aspect, she also had a lot of incredibly emotional moments that she pulled off well.

#6 Sacha Baron Cohen

Source: Netflix

From The Dictator, Borat, and The Brothers Grimsby through The Spy and The Trial of the Chicago 7 demonstrates his versatility. He is without a doubt one of my favorite actors.

#7 Eddie Murphy

Source: Netflix

He likes to remind people how talented he is as an actor every now and again. Dolemite Is My Name was fantastic, and I'm surprised he didn't get more recognition for it during awards season.

#8 Jonah Hill

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing

Consider the films War Dogs, Wolf of Wall Street, and Moneyball. He's a fantastic performer who ought to be seen more often.

#9 Matthew McConaughey

Source: HBO

Matthew has spoken about his long struggle to transition from being a humorous actor to being regarded seriously as anything else. He was resolved to be more and reinvent himself, but it took him time and effort to get there.

#10 Bob Odenkirk

Source: AMC

He began his career on The Second City, Saturday Night Live, and short-lived projects such as The Ben Stiller Show. He began writing for many comedic series before transitioning to drama. He has incredible talent, and I am a tremendous fan.

#11 Aubrey Plaza

Source: Momentum Pictures

She was and still is one of Hollywood's funniest people. She's worked on a lot of huge studio films and TV shows, but she also loves little independent projects. Films like Safety Not Guaranteed, Black Bear, and Emily the Criminal demonstrate her range and demonstrate what she is capable of.

#12 Donald Glover

Source: FX

He's gifted on a whole new level! I just finished watching Atlanta Season 3's first episode; this guy writes, directs, and acts in a drama on a high level. Then you learn he does amazing stand-up, writes for 30 Rock, and was a key component of one of the most underappreciated comedy series of the last decade: Community.

#13 Emma Stone

Source: Lionsgate

She went from Superbad and Zombieland to winning Best Actress at the Academy Awards. That is all there is to it.

#14 John Goodman

Source: Paramount Pictures

When he plays the evil guy in movies like 10 Cloverfield Lane, he can be truly terrifying. That is unusual for actors recognized for their humorous roles.

#15 Melissa McCarthy

Source: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Her performance in Can You Ever Forgive Me? is outstanding, and I would have given her the Oscar that year.

#16 Hugh Laurie

Source: Fox

He went from A Bit of Fry and Laurie to Blackadder, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, he pulls out some fantastic dramatic performances in House MD and Night Manager.

#17 Robin Williams

Source: Miramax Films

He was a wonderful and inventive comedian and comedy actor, and then he completely killed Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, and many other good dramas while being one of the world's best comedians.

#18 Steve Carell

Source: Paramount Pictures

I couldn't believe how good he was in The Big Short. It seemed so dissimilar to what he typically does!

#19 Jamie Foxx

Source: Universal Pictures

From his work as a sketch comic on In Living Color to his performances in Any Given Sunday and Ray, Foxx clearly belongs in this category.

#20 Adam Sandler

Source: A24

I truly believe he is a better serious actor than a funny actor. Punch Drunk Love was a revelation, and Uncut Gems only proved it.

#21 Woody Harrelson

Source: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is one of my favorite Woody Allen films, and he's also fantastic in The Highwaymen. It's still amusing to watch old Cheers episodes where he plays the dimwitted Woody Boyd and then compare him to some of his current roles.

#22 Bryan Cranston

Source: Gregory Peters / ABC

Is it Hal Wilkerson who ruins Walter White, or is it Walter White who ruins Hal Wilkerson? It's impossible to watch him in one of these classic roles without picturing him in the other. It demonstrates his versatility.

#23 Michael Keaton

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing International

He began as a comedian a la Beetlejuice, but as a reporter on Spotlight, he was so intelligent – the man is gifted!

#24 Olivia Colman

Source: Fox Searchlight Pictures

She progressed from being the lead female performer in David Mitchell and Robert Webb's comedy to becoming an Academy Award-winning dramatic actor.

#25 Tom Hanks

Source: TriStar Pictures

He began his career on a sitcom before moving on to a decade of comedy features such as Splash, The Money Pit, and Big. Then came the 1990s, and there were Oscars for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, as well as terrific performances in Saving Private Ryan, Green Mile, and other films. Younger viewers may believe he is simply a drama actor, yet he has done a complete 180.
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