8 Times Jared Leto Shockingly Transforms Into The Role He Plays

The way actor Jared Leto approaches art is an art form itself.
As a musician, Jared Leto is a member of the rock band 30 Seconds To Mars. The group has had much success, with 15 million albums sold worldwide, and numerous sold-out tours and headlining festival slots. The band also received multiple awards throughout its career, including a Guinness World Record.
As an actor, Jared Leto is famous for his method acting and is known to push the boundary so much that it sometimes scares his co-stars.
Method acting is both famous and infamous among actors. On one hand, it allows an accurate and authentic depiction of any character. On the other hand, it puts a severe toll on the physical and mental health of the actors. Even acting legend like Meryl Streep shies away from method acting and employs it only once during The Devil Wears Prada.
So how far is Jared Leto willing to go for a role? Here are 8 times shockingly transforms into the role he plays.

#1 ‘Morbius’ (2022)

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In ‘Morbius’, Leto played a sickly patient turned living vampire. To authentically portray the character, Leto takes on a hunched, twisted posture. This was so extreme a physician has to be on-call on set.
Even his co-stars were concerned for his health. Morbius’ signature look puts a lot of pressure on Leto’s spine.

#2 ‘WeCrashed’ (2022)

Source: AP

In ‘WeCrashed’, Leto portrays Adam Neumann, the charismatic, disgraced CEO of WeWork. TO master his accent, Leto enlisted a team of five Israelis to assist him perfect Neumann's distinctive voice. Prosthetics were used to recreate Neumann’s dark eyes.
His co-star, Anne Hathaway, recounted that she couldn’t call him Jared between shoots.

#3 ‘House of Gucci’ (2021)

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In House of Gucci, Leto used prosthetics to transform and resemble the fat, balding Italian fashion designer for his role as Paolo Gucci in Ridley Scott's massive 2021 family drama.
This includes a bald cap plus eight prosthetic pieces. Leto demands that the hours-long makeup process takes place offset, so he can arrive at onset in character.

#4 ‘Blade Runner 2049’ (2017)

Source: ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

In Blade Runner 2049, Leto played sinister genetic food magnate Niander Wallace to great success.
Since the character is blind, Leto emulates the condition by wearing milky-hued contacts that obscured his vision. This results in him having to walk on set with an assistant. Also, he missed out on seeing his co-star, Harrison Ford, acting.

#5 ‘Suicide Squad’ (2016)

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Playing the iconic DC villain, Leto has big shoes to fill, especially after Heath Ledger has put on one of the most memorable interpretations of the character in the Dark Knight trilogy.
Being on brand with the psycho killer clown, Leto has done some horrific in-character things that irked his castmates, including giving them a dead pig and a live rat.

#6 ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ (2013)

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In ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ (2013), Leto played the transgender HIV-positive character Rayon.
To make the role more convincing, Leto spent time and talked to transgender people to better understand them. He also lost over 40 pounds, down to around 114 pounds.

#7 ‘Chapter 27’ (2007)

Source: Peace Arch Films/Courtesy Everet

In the 2007 biographical drama film about the murder of John Lennon, Leto played Mark David Chapman, the man who shot and killed John Lennon.
For the role, Leto gained 27 pounds, thanks to his diet of microwaved pints of chocolate ice cream that were mixed with olive oil and soy sauce. The diet has a significantly negative effect on his health, resulting in gout, and high cholesterol.

#8 ‘Requiem for a Dream’ (2000)

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Requiem for a Dream is a thriller about addiction, with Leto playing the heroin addict Harry Goldfarb.
To prepare for the role, Leto losses a huge amount of weight while spending time with New York’s junkies.
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