25 Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Hipsters

What is exactly a hipster? You've probably heard of a hipster: someone who dresses in vintage clothing, listens to indie music, and likes good beer and specialty coffee. They are usually vegetarians, pacifists, and liberals. They also like to wear Buddy Holly glasses and skinny jeans. Although it may be challenging to describe exactly what a hipster is, most people can recognize a hipster when encountering him/ her.
We think of "hipster" as a 20th-century phrase. However, it turns out that the term was in use as early as 1902. At that time, the only word that was used to describe this lifestyle was "hip." (which meant "in the know."). In the 1940s, the word became the full term "hipster," which meant a lover of hot jazz.
So many famous characters, such as Harry Potter, Loki, Tinker Bell, and more, have been transformed into hipsters by many talented artists. We have collected some of the best works of art and we want to share them with you. Let’s scroll down and enjoy!

#1 Harry Potter

#2 Steve Rogers

#3 Ron, Hermione, and Harry

#4 Chucky

#5 Goofy

#6 Darth Vader

#7 Cyclops

#8 Luigi

#9 Helga from "Hey Arnold"

#10 Ariel

#11 Link

#12 Loki

#13 Bowser

#14 Brienne

#15 Jasmine

#16 Jubilee

#17 Chewbacca

#18 Cinderella

#19 Bucky Barnes

#20 Ariel

#21 Legend of Zelda

#22 The Scooby Gang

#23 Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty"

#24 Wolverine

#25 Mario

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