Aged Celebrities Who Still Give You A Sense Of Attraction

The years have been kind to certain superstars, who seem more gorgeous as they age. From Hollywood movie royalty George Clooney to our very own Michael Keaton and RDJ, they prove that adding another candle to the birthday cake is not terrible. Not only have their appearances improved, but so have their acting careers.
Of course, we're not claiming that their good looks have led to better jobs. Still, it hasn't hurt their careers either - several of the stars on our list have even been nominated for an Oscar, Hollywood's most coveted award for an excellent performance. Some have even gone on to win one. Scroll down and see the old celebrities who still have a sense of attraction.

1. Viggo Mortensen

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"Viggo Mortensen. Very handsome at 63."

2. Jane Seymour

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"Jane Seymour. 71 and still stunning"

3. Elvira

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From darkoath

"Elvira. Cassandra Peterson. Just turned 70 and still pulls herself together physically and breaks out that amazing personality at every appearance."

"Omg. I saw the BEST suggestion for a movie ever. Elvira & Dolly Parton playing their stage personas as estranged sisters who must team up to fight evil."

4. Susanna Hoffs

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From analogtapes

"Susanna Hoffs (63)"

"Susanna Hoffs now"

5. Bruce Campbell

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"Bruce Campbell at 64. Hail to the king, baby!"

6. Timothy Olyphant

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"Timothy Olyphant. Idk what it is about him. He's so funny, charming, and handsome that I don't care how much older than me he is."

7. Marisa Tomei

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From Forge64

"Jesus, I was so confused watching the new Spider-Man movies with Marisa as Aunt May. Marisa Tomei is perpetually the hot 80s chick in my head, also Jennifer Connelly. I was watching Morbius and seeing Requiem for a Dream and Career Opportunities. I AM OLD, I GUESS."

8. Mads Mikkelsen

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"self-aware mads mikkelsen thirst comments are genuinely so fucking funny to me like it’ll just be a tame ass photo of him and those cheekbones and all the comments are like lemme guzzle those nuts peepaw"

9. Stanley Tucci

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From vonye25

"Stanley Tucci. As my mom says about handsome men, he just looks like he smells good."

10. Michelle Yeoh

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"She's so fine there's no telling where the money went."

11. Monica Bellucci

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"Monica Bellucci. I may just be a bit pickier than most tho."

From MCDexX

"The fanboy outrage when she was cast as a Bond Girl in her 50s was hilarious. "Eww, she's so ooooold..." Guys, she's Monica fuckin Bellucci."

12. Pierce Brosnan

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"Pierce looked SO good in Eurovision. I swear he's more handsome with age."

13. Helen Mirren

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"Helen Mirren was born Helen Mironov. That's right. You're fake salivating over a Soviet era Russian. -Dwight"

14. Christopher Plummer

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From No_Information_8973

"Christopher Plummer was awesome!"

15. Colin Firth

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"Colin Firth, All Day Everyday and Sideways Twice on Tuesday."

16. Salma Hayek

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"Whenever a Reddit thread asks who would you have a threesome with, my answer is always Salma Hayek at age 25 and Salma Hayek at age 55."

17. Robert Downey Jr

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"Robert Downey Jr and Cate Blanchett. Literally no idea how old cate blanchett is just assumed she was out of the norm lol"

18. Winona Ryder

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From jonslashtroy

"Winona ryder at 50 is still crazy sexy to me."

19. Michelle Pfeiffer

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From nfolsen

"Michelle Pfeiffer is 65 and she's still a total babe"

20. Elizabeth Hurley

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From 534Moon

"Her Instagram account is a treat for the eyes."

21. Harrison Ford

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From Straight-Nerve-5101

"One of my first celeb crushes when he was in raiders."

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