Celebrities Who You Were Your First Celebrity Crush As A Child

We believe that celebrity crushes are something we all share in common as a culture. We've all had that one star or figured we enjoyed seeing on our televisions before we had our first loves, before we got serious with that first infatuation at school, and maybe even before we ever realized what the word meant.
You may have seen them in movies with your parents when you were young or seen them often in periodicals. You could have been affected by your buddies as well. Whatever it is, it is not something anyone is ashamed of. Everyone who inquires has access to this information. And, you know, it's understandable, right? These celebrities were cast in films for a purpose, whether because of their appearance, charisma, charm, or talent.
When individuals are asked, "Who was your first celebrity crush?" they are generally followed with the inquiry, "Why?" However, some celebrity crushes simply receive *the* nod or that general agreement. These are the celebrity crushes that no one questions since it's obvious why anyone would adore them. Here are some stars, ranging from Keanu Reeves to Tom Holland.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

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" I had a bulletin board with pictures from magazines of him. Pretty creepy in retrospect"
2. Cameron Diaz

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"Dude she came out of nowhere in that movie but god damn was she undeniable in that movie. Probably the hottest woman I laid eyes on at the time. 12 year old me loved her too. Though I’ll admit she wasn’t my first crush."

3. Kelly Kapowski

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From Brilliant_Succotash1

"She was a close second to Christina Ricci for me"

4. Natalie Portman

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From Mr-Sister-Fister21

"Imma say Natalie Portman after watching Attack of the Clones"

5. Cary Elwes

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"Cary Elwes. Would watch him constantly in The Princess Bride and Robin Hood: Men In Tights. So in love."

6. David Duchovny

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"David Duchovny as Fox Mulder"

7. Lynda Carter

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"Met her in 2004, and she still looked great. Told her I am sure you have heard it a thousand times, but you were my first crush. She laughed and said it never gets old."

8. Christina Aguilera

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From Old-Air1062

"Christina Aguilera….. Genie in a Bottle was like porn for a 12-year-old"

9. Legolas

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"Legolas, though not Orlando Bloom."
10. Christina Ricci

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From Omikets

"Watched a lot of the Addams Family and Casper because of her"

From wntf

"She is still hot as F**k. Like what the hell, its infair"

11. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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From politicalaccount2017
" I loved to rewatch Tom and Huck, Wild America, and Home Improvement! I didn't figure out why until I was older. Lol"

12. Jennifer Connelly

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"Both Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie simultaneously"

13. Alicia Silverstone

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"I was crying when I met ya."

"she was the reason i would watch aerosmith videos"

14. Sarah Michelle Gellar

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"I googled who her husband is expecting a second or third and was pleasantly surprised to find her and Freddie still together. It makes me smile."

15. Shakira

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"Shakira. That dammed song, hips don't lie, got me acting like a fool"

16. Keanu Reeves

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"Keanu Reeves. Young me knew what was up"

17. Daniel Radcliffe

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"One day I turned on the TV, and Philosopher's Stone was playing. My life was never the same again."

18. Liv Tyler

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From karmagod13000

"Liv Tyler. My mom called me out on it, and I was like mind yo business mom and continued watching That Thing You Do."

19. Britney Spears

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"Hit me, baby, one more time."

20. Emma Watson

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"Emma Watson, I was like 12."

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