10 Famous Actors Who Can’t Actually Act, According To Reddit

Many actors are known as “beauty with brains” in the tinsel town of Hollywood. Kate Winslet being in the role of “Rose” in “Titanic” is a turning point in her acting career. Even actors who seemingly embraced aging have managed to wow audiences with their performances. However, not all Hollywood ageless beauties can afford to bring the two attributes together.
Some filmmakers and directors assume that actors with ageless looks help them improve the ratings for movies. For this reason, many actors got the lead role in a movie. Nevertheless, it doesn’t work today. For example, Rose McGowan hasn’t done much in her acting career than pout and flutter her pretty eyelashes.
We’ve completed a list of some of the glamorous and beautiful actors and actresses who can’t act well.

#1 Jared Leto

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He never seems to be acting in the same movie as the other actors. (Street_Remote6105)
I can't stand the man, but he absolutely ruined it in Dallas Buyer's Club. (sg3niner)

#2 John Wayne

Source: Britannica

He just plays John Wayne in every movie he's in. (drainspout)

John Ford, who later directed John Wayne in The Searchers after seeing him in Red River: "I never knew the big son of a bitch could act." (zeronolimit34)

#3 Meryl Streep

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She’s always still Meryl playing a role. I can’t forget who it is. (AMerrickanGirl)

#4 Gal Godot

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I loved Wonder Woman but Gal Godot was terrible in it…others say she was brilliant just because they like the film itself. (Dominageek)
Gal Gadot is a terrible actress. Death on the Nile, everyone did an accent, she didn't even try! She was the lead of the movie and she didn't even try to do her accent, she didn't put in any work to try to put hers together. If I were in that movie, I would be pissed. (IHave580)

#5 Seth Rogan

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Seth Rogan always plays Seth Rogan in all Seth Rogan movies. He has no depth. (Heftydog1)
He is one of those actors whose voice kind of dooms him. With the right makeup, costuming, etc., it seems like he can have a lot of physical range but then he opens his mouth and you remember that he is Seth Rogen and no matter what he does in his performance, he will always be Seth Rogen. (fs031090)

#6 Will Smith

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Whenever I see him he's never playing a character he's playing himself. (PopeLips)

#7 Vince Vaughn

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Vince Vaughn just reads his lines as Vince Vaughn in every film but here's what pisses me off about him. I feel like he casts himself into roles where he gets to live out real-life fantasies as if being a Hollywood A-lister isn't enough. (kitjen)

#8 Mark Wahlberg

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Watching Marky Mark Wahlberg act is like watching freshly poured cement gradually harden. (DecadentxMinimalist)

#9 Jerry Seinfeld

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Love jerry as a writer but watching him act makes me cringe. (Dynazty)

#10 Phil Hartman

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You might remember him from films such as The Erotic Adventures of Hercules, The Greatest Story Ever Hulaed, and Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die. The guy acted in a lot of movies but he doesn’t have a lot of range. (griftertm)
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