9 Celebs Whose Image Has Drastically Changed Since They Started Their Careers

Time changes, and so do our favorite childhood idols. We love to talk about where these people are now and how they've changed. Some had such an incredible transformation. Their look is nothing identical to the days they started out their career. And we do fully understand. Every change has its own reasons.
For example, Justin Timberlake was widely known as a boy band member with a charming voice. However, he is now a skilled and seasoned actor. Or, Miley Cyrus used to be a lovely Disney princess before she matured into a charismatic pop star.
In this post, we take a closer look at celebrities who have changed significantly over the years, almost opposite to whom they once were. Which version of these famous people do you love more?

#1 Benedict Cumberbatch

Source: © Atonement / Universal Pictures and co-producers, © Sherlock / Hartswood Films and co-producers

Early in his film career, Benedict Cumberbatch frequently got unfavorable roles because of his unique appearance. A villain in Atonement or a feckless spouse in The Other Boleyn Girl, for instance.
After the release of the Sherlock series, everything changed. The public regarded Benedict as one of the hottest British males. Benedict even makes jokes about his appearance, describing himself as "something between an otter and something people find somewhat appealing."

#2 Bill Kaulitz

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The German band Tokio Hotel gained the public's attention at the beginning of the 2000s, and front-man Bill Kaulitz turned into a teenage idol. The group was particularly well-liked by members of the emo youth subculture.
Today, Bill no longer wears black eyeliner around his eyes, and his hair isn't styled in a sophisticated way. Additionally, Bill is taking over the fashion industry; he has already worked as a model for Karl Lagerfeld and introduced his collection.

#3 Fred Durst

Source: © limpbizkit / YouTube, © freddurst / Instagram

Fred Durst, the vocalist of Limp Bizkit, was once a true teen idol. And like other artists that perform alternative music, he had the appearance of a tough guy.
The Durst of today bears little resemblance to the badass in those videos. In addition to starting a record business, he is also attempting to direct films and advertisements.

#4 Ian Somerhalder

Source: © face to face / Reporter / East News, © face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News

Ian got famous after the 2009 premiere of The Vampire Diaries. There, he played a seductive but cynical supernatural being that made the hearts of women of all ages flutter when he appeared on tv.
But Ian surprised his followers in 2015 when he wed actress, Nikki Reed. He still expresses his love for his wife on his microblog. The actor is a passionate supporter of environmentalism and proudly holds the UNEP Goodwill Ambassador title.

#5 Justin Timberlake

Source: © Everett Collection / East News, © Palmer / Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and co-producers

Thanks to Club Mickey Mouse, Justin Timberlake has appeared on camera since he was a little child. When he was young, Justin sang for the boy band 'N Sync, but it wasn't until he went solo that he broke through to the top. His signature was his distinctive tone and plastic dance moves.
As Justin's solo singing career grew, he also began his career in acting, and with each new role, his fans saw a notable improvement. His current filmography consists of tragedies, anti-utopias, and comedies.

#6 Kylie Jenner

Source: © MARCOCCHI GIULIO / SIPA / East News, © face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News

After the 2007 premiere of the Very Cavallari reality series, Kylie got famous. She spent a long while in the shadow of her older sister, Kim, as the world just knew her as "another Kardashian member."
In 2015, when Kylie launched a range of lipstick, everything changed. She immediately had to boost production because the items were so well received. She earned $41 million and was included in the Forbes list of the world's richest people.

#7 Miley Cyrus

Source: © The Last Song / Walt Disney Studios and co-producers, © face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News

Miley Cyrus gained recognition while appearing in the Disney television series Hannah Montana, which aired from 2006 to 2011. She portrayed a schoolgirl who was forced to keep her talent as a singer a secret from her schoolmates.
However, Miley completely changed her image after her time with Disney. She started wearing more bold costumes on stage and cut off her hair, giving herself the image of a nasty girl that she still maintains today.

#8 Paris Hilton

Source: © EVERETT COLLECTION / East News, © Paris Hilton / YouTube

When the reality TV Show Simple Life debuted at the beginning of the 2000s, Paris Hilton became identified with "glamor." Hilton had long maintained the image of a pampered, rich girl who only cared about parties and social events.
However, She decided to make a documentary about her youth in 2020 to reveal what had been concealed behind her flawless appearance. Her videos and recipes show that she also developed a passion for cooking. She started her cooking show in the summer of 2021.

#9 Reese Witherspoon

Source: © Legally Blonde / MGM and co-producers, © face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News

Reese Witherspoon became famous for her role in the romantic comedy Legally Blonde. Then, the actress spent years being attached to the movie's lead role, a naive girl striving to prove her worth to those around her.
Today, there is no need to prove that Reese is a legitimate professional, and it's not just about her acting. She now serves as a co-producer on many films, including Gone Girl and Wild, and television shows, including Little Fires Everywhere and Big Little Lies.
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