12 Celebrity Crushes That Many People Related To Deep Down In Their Soul

Most of us admired our own favorite celebrities for their beauty and talent. We’ve obsessed with them that we tend to imitate their looks and behaviors. For this reason, many famous people have become our first love when we were young.
Many of us started crushing on them through their roles in the Movies or their voices in the songs. After that, we often turned on the TV and searched for the show that they involved. No matter what it is, we have dreamed of walking down the aisle with them. It’s always a joy for us to see them pop up, either in a talk show or at an event.
A Reddit user carried out a survey for determining who is the first crush of most people and some of the names were so popular.

#1 Leonardo DiCaprio

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I printed a photo of his face and taped it on a pillow to hug. (MelancholyBean)
He is a little bit cute in him the movie "Titanic". (michelleanzaldua)

#2 Cameron Diaz

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I remember seeing her for the first time in The Mask and being utterly mesmerized. I thought she was the most shockingly beautiful human I’d ever seen. (jolhar)

#3 Tiffany Amber Thiessman

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She puts the POW. (karma_the_sequel)

#4 David Duchovny

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I honestly thought I was the only person in the world whose first childhood celeb crush was David Duchovny in "X-Files". My friends all teased me because I was obsessed with him.(shockrocket)

#5 Lynda Carter

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Was going to say the same thing. Met her in 2004 and she still looked great. Told her I am sure you have heard it a thousand times, but you were my first crush. She laughed and said it never gets old. (mamamonkey69)
I have many a happy childhood memory of playing Wonder Woman with my sister and pals. I was always The Mistress of Disguise. I don’t think she was ever in the show. (_TheModernLeper_)
She was always super nice to me (though my mom says she is super fake), but her daughter at least was a piece of work growing up and was probably the most spoiled kid I knew. She was way nicer. (ocelot3000)

#6 Devon Sawa

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I would watch the entire movie just for those few minutes of him at the end! Haha, the movie was good too but I loved the blue eyes and blond hair! (beerpansy)
He was in the Final Destination movies I think! I thought he was cute there. (DamnitRuby)

#7 Jennifer Connelly

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I was too young to crush on Connelly the first time watching Labyrinth. But dang, Career Opportunities and Rocketeer retroactively turned Labyrinth into a total crush movie. (DoomGoober)

#8 Danielle Fishel


Came here to say this. She still looks good 30 years later. (ElReyDelMund0)
God, I thought she was the most beautiful girl ever. I found after many years that my ex-wife had a very similar appearance to her. I was head over heels in love at first sight when we were teenagers, never put 2 and 2 together till years and years later. I used my better judgment when I met my now-current wife. (1968Russtang)

#9 Sarah Michelle Gellar

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I had a massive crush on her when she was on Buffy the vampire slayer. (povertymayne)

#10 Catherine Bach

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Catherine Bach is how twelve-year-old me found out he was straight. (GrumpyCatStevens)

#11 Teri Garr

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If there was ever an underrated actress it was Terri Garr. I saw Tootsie when I was 9-10ish years old and I still think she stole that movie or was a distinct second at the very least. She made me empathize with her character. (FloppyEaredDog)

#12 David Boreanaz

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My mom watched a lot of Bones when I was small and I had a little crush on Agent Booth. I don't know if that was my first celebrity crush as a child but that's the one I remember. (Kathihtak)
I loved him first as Angel in Buffy though and then his own show. The other for me was Mark-Paul-Gosselaar (Zack from saved by the bell) because my mom loved the show and we’d watch it before I went to school. (Vanishingf0x)
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