8 Most Outrageous Airbnb Stories That Will Make You Hesitate Traveling Ever Again

Travel is incredible. You have access to entirely different landscapes, cultures, cuisines, people, etc. Despite your best efforts to plan ahead, things occasionally don't go as expected. These unanticipated catastrophes, especially the amusing ones, are what actually shape your vacation experiences. There is a seemingly endless list of things to do when renting out your house for the first time. You'll take your time polishing every last aspect for your upcoming visitors, from automating check-in to organizing your vacation rental agreement. But what if these visitors aren't exactly who they claim to be? What occurs if it is a true nightmare?

There are extremely few instances where things don't go according to plan, even though the majority of Airbnb hosts and owners of vacation rentals will only have wonderful visitor experiences to offer.
Reading these stories should make you feel relieved since you'll realize that it's extremely unlikely that it will ever happen to you. And keep in mind: establishing certain home rules in advance might help you save a lot of difficulties later on if you want to minimize the hazards. The form above or at the bottom of the post both allow you to obtain our funny Airbnb house rules template.
Here are 8 of the most outrageous Airbnb stories that will make you hesitate traveling...ever again.

#1 The Overzealous Host Who Folded Our Underwear

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"My best friend and I booked this converted bedroom in a shared family home in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. It was our first time using Airbnb, so we didn't really know what to expect. We stayed with a middled-aged couple and their six-year old son, and they were so nice to us. The mum was your typical Japanese mum who was super hospitable and always made sure that all our needs were taken care of: She served us homemade Japanese breakfast upon our arrival, and showed us how to work the washing machine in the house.
"We were previously in Okinawa, so we had already accumulated a sizable bag of dirty laundry by then. Dryers are not common in Japan, so we hung up our damp clothes on the rooftop and went sightseeing, thinking that we would collect our dry clothes later that night. When we got back to the house, all of our clean laundry — including our bras and panties — were back in our suitcases, folded into neat little cubes that would make Marie Kondo proud. We were very, very grateful the hostess went the extra mile to make us feel at home, but we were also mortified a complete stranger went through our underwear!"

#2 The Educational Tattoo Parlor

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"I Airbnbed this tiny place in the historic part of Cartagena, Colombia with my husband and two younger daughters. It was very cute room with a sleeping loft and a tiny kitchen, which was separated from our landlady's tattoo parlor by just a thin wall. Throughout the day, we would hear these tough-sounding male customer coming in to get inked, only to end up screaming and cussing through their teeth. We were giggling the whole time — and left learning more Spanish cuss words than we ever needed."


Outrageous Airbnb Stories, funny airbnb house rules

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AirBNB in Toronto. Sister and I brought our passports. They demanded we forfeit the passports on arrival. We said absolutely not and after hesitation were shown to our space. The rooms did not match the pictures posted at all. The place reeked of bleach that had been used recently. We took photos of every room, and quietly slipped out when no one was watching. Reported everything to AirBNB and were given a full refund. Their ad was removed and host blocked. Seriously believe we narrowly escaped being trafficked that day.

#4 The master bedroom

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We arrived at our AirB&B in Austin to find that the master bedroom had been quite literally blocked off by the pool table. We thought ”Eh, no biggie, they were probably cleaning and forgot to scoot it back.” So we scooted it back to center of the room— right into the four little divots in the carpet from where it had been sitting before.
Trip goes well, we leave— and a day later, I get an email from the property owner demanding payment for a professional balancing service to be performed on the pool table. Five hundred ding-a-lingin’ dollars. How were we supposed to enter the master bedroom?
Were we expected to crawl over the table? Does the owner legitimately expect me to believe he had the pool table professionally balanced in the corner of the room, with two of its edges against the wall?
After several days of going back and forth between the property owner and AirB&B Customer Support with these and other questions, my credit card was charged $500. So I called my credit card company, explained the situation and they recorded it as fraud.

#5 The full refund

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The last and only AirBnB I stayed in pretty much put me off the service for good. It was a nice place in a great location, from the look of the pictures. A friend and I were going to a concert in the area that night and drove in from out of town. After being on the road for hours, we were exhausted and starving. Once we settled in we realized it was very obvious the house hadn't been cleaned since the last guest. There were small bits of garbage everywhere, dirty dishes in the sink, old food in the fridge. The advertised "second bed" was an air mattress with no sheets and the sheets on the master bed looked... questionable. Then I made it to the master bathroom. There were dark, thick, curly hairs all over the bathroom floor. One of the sinks was clogged with cloudy water. The bathroom mirror was covered in flecks of toothpaste and debris. There was no hot water in the apartment.
I told the property manager that the house was not acceptable and we would be booking a hotel for the night, and asked where to leave the key. I offered to accept a partial refund as I had taken a (freezing cold) shower and used one of their towels. The property owner refused and gave me an awful rating, accusing me of "tampering" with his property and "expecting the experience of the Ritz hotel." I sent AirBnB photos of the condition of the place. They gave me a full refund.

#6 Drug-induced orgy

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Canadian couple Mark and Star King cut their holiday short after receiving calls from neighbours concerned about what was going on in their Sage Hill, northwest Calgary home. The couple returned to find destroyed furniture, smashed glasses, used condoms and underwear on the floor and mayonnaise and sauce smeared across the walls. Police said bodily fluids including urine, semen and vomit were found throughout the home. The damage to the two-storey house, which police attributed to a "drug-induced orgy", was estimated at between C$50,000 and C$75,000 (NZ$54,570 and NZ$81,857). Fortunately for the couple, they were covered by Airbnb's insurance policy for damage up to US$1 million (NZ$1.4 million).  Neighbours said the guests had hosted a party for about 100 which was shut down by police after three noise complaints and reports of a fight.

#7 Bad vibrations


Sharon Marzouk came home to what looked like a scene from a porn film gone horribly wrong in 2016 after renting a bedroom in her Menlo Park, California home to an Airbnb guest. Marzouk walked through the door to find water trickling through the ceiling from the upstairs bathroom, SF Gate reported. The guest claimed she'd forgotten to turn off the tap in the bath, resulting in what Marzouk estimated as more than US$10,000 in damage. In the bedroom she discovered a vibrator, a large box of condoms, a few pairs of high heels, a bag full of used tissues and a hand-written list of "pics" labelled as "bent over green Abercrombie" and "blue and white skirt vibrator".

#8 "Found a hair"

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Found my Airbnb guest crawling around on the bathroom floor because she’d “found a hair.” I explained that, as advertised, the bathroom was shared. I was charging $25 a night and providing breakfast.
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