8 Horrible Characters Who Made Us Want To Throw Our TVs Out The Window

We all have those moments when we're watching our favorite show, and a character comes on screen that makes us run for the remote. You know the ones we're talking about - the "Why-are-you-even-here?!" characters that are so unbearable, so annoying, that we can't help but cringe so hard every time they appear.
Well, prepare to cringe my dear, as we delve into 11 of the most horrible characters in TV history. Sweet warning: looking at these characters might trigger lots of screams! Whether it's their annoying voices, their unbearable personalities, or just their plain old stupidity, these characters have made us want to hit the off switch and never look back.
TV series are just so much fun isn’t it, even with horrible characters. They're so annoying that you just want to yell, to scream, even to punch through the screen. They're like a pimple on your nose that you can't help but poke at. But let's face it, we secretly love to hate them. Without these baddies, the show would just be a snooze fest. So, we put up with them like a bad roommate, because they're horrible, but they make life interesting.

#1 Pierce – Community

Source: Jardin Althaus / NBC

Pierce is a hot mess, and not in a good way. He's not funny, and he doesn't bring anything interesting to the table. He just spews racist and sexist comments, and it's like, why do the other characters even hang out with him? We get it, he's supposed to be the antagonist, but it's just sad.

#2 Elliot – Euphoria

Source: Eddy Chen / HBO

Elliot is the definition of pointless. He doesn't do anything except mess with the other characters and force them to act out of character. He's a total hypocrite, and he even let Rue take the fall for losing all those drugs.
And don't even get us started on his singing. It's like, we get it, you can carry a tune, but can you please shut up and stop being so annoying? Goodbye, Elliot, you're the worst!

#3 Jack – Lost

Source: ABC

We don't know about you, but Jack made us want to pull the hair out of my head every time he showed up. He was supposed to be the hero, but he just made one bad decision after another. He was so whiny, entitled, and annoying. And did we mention how much he cried? The other characters were way more interesting, but the show kept forcing us to focus on Jack.

#4 Ben – The Umbrella Academy

Source: Netflix

Okay, hear us out. We know Ben was a fan favorite in the first two seasons, but the alternate version of him in Season 3 was just the worst. He was a total buzzkill, and he ruined everything. Plus, he was just so extremely insecure and whiny. We were rooting for the other Sparrows to take him down a peg.

#5 Riley – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Source: Tvfanatic

Riley was like watching paint dry. His dorm room literally had a poster of balls on the wall, and that's all you need to know about him. He was so insecure and couldn't handle being with a strong woman like Buffy. He stuck around for way too long, and we were thrilled when he finally left. Good riddance, Riley!

#6 Jonathan – Stranger Things

Source: Curtis Baker / Netflix

Among a plethora of captivating and compelling characters, he's just a bit of a dud. Jonathan just doesn't quite cut it for us. Err, taking creepy photos of Nancy? Dude, that's not how you win a girl's heart. He's supposed to be this outsider with a missing brother, but all we see is a total snooze-fest.
The only time he caught viewers’ attention was when he finally remembered he had a traumatized little brother - congrats on remembering your own family, Jonathan.

#7 Steve – The Haunting of Hill House

Source: Tina Rowden / Netflix

Steve...ugh, Steve. He is the ultimate buzzkill. Yes, he's the oldest Crain child and should be a walking encyclopedia of family secrets, but instead he's in denial like a toddler who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Sorry Steve, but your "nothing" character just doesn't bring a thing to the table.

#8 Ross – Friends

Source: NBC

Ross, Ross, Ross! Unpopular opinion? We think not. We all know he's the one we love to hate. It’s true that the guy was in a great love story with Rachel, but instead of being the hero, he just became a clingy, possessive mess.
And don't even start on the whole "we were on a break" debacle. He’s highly manipulative, he lies to the people he loves, he's ungrateful, super needy and ultra jealous – despite having it all. Ross, my friend, you need a serious reality check.

#9 Archie Andrews – Riverdale

Source: Dean Buscher / The CW

Archie Andrews from Riverdale is like that one friend who always manages to stir up drama but you're never quite sure why you're friends with them. He's a terrible boyfriend to Veronica and can't seem to stay away from Betty, even though he's supposed to be committed. Honestly, Archie, just make up your mind already.

#10 Jenny Humphrey – Gossip Girl

Source: IMDb

Jenny Humphrey, portrayed by Taylor Momsen, is the ultimate little sister from hell. She starts off innocent enough, but quickly becomes a scheming, jealous wannabe star. And we just can’t stand how she meddles with Nate and Serena's relationship.
Jenny, sweetie, just stick to designing clothes and leave the drama to the big kids.

#11 Ramsay Bolton – Game of Thrones

Source: Helen Sloan / HBO

Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones is the epitome of evil. Who tortures people for fun? Ramsay does. He also betrayed the Ironborn and flayed them alive, abused Myranda and threatened to kill her, and brutally assaulted Sansa every night. Thank the Seven when he finally got what was coming to him in season 6. Good riddance, Ramsay.
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