8 Healthy Habits That Make Harrison Ford Stay In Shape At The Age Of 80

Harrison Ford is best known for playing charismatic rogues in Star Wars and Indiana Jones film franchises. We all remember the rebel Han Solo and adventurous archeologist Indiana John, who are now iconic characters in the cinema world.
This year, the movie star turns eighty but that is no impediment for him to put his hat back on, grab his whip and go back to encounter bad guys in a new Indy adventure. He is incredibly strong at the age of 80.
Today. we decide to figure out which habits help him stay strong both physically and mentally. Keep scrolling down and check them out!

#1 He gave up dairy products.

Harrison FordSource: © The Fugitive / Warner bros.

Harrison Ford has stopped using dairy products in his diet. Being asked what he does to stay in shape, he answered the question by declaring he has more to do with what he stopped doing.
Ford, who had campaigned in favor of drinking milk a couple of years ago, recognizes that at a certain age, it is no longer nutritious. On the contrary, it can be harmful to the body, as certain researches show.

#2 He has a happy marriage.

Harrison FordSource: © s_bukley / Depositphotos

Ford has said he enjoys spending quality time with his wife, 58-year-old actress Calista Flockhart. Their marriage is coming to the 12th wedding anniversary, but have been together for nearly 20 years, a challenging milestone to see among Hollywood couples.
“The truth is, sometimes I feel a lot older than Harrison,” the Ally McBeal actress said in an interview. Ford has confessed his secret to a happy, long-lasting marriage: “Don’t talk. Nod your head,” she joked in an interview.

#3 He replaced meat with fish and vegetables.

Harrison FordSource: © Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark / Paramount Pictures

Harrison Ford explained in an interview that he decided to quit eating all meat from his daily diet, as it has adverse effects on his body and the world.
“I just decided I was tired of eating meat, and I know it’s not good for the planet or for me,” he described. He remains on a strict diet based on fish and lots of vegetables, so self-care is a priority. The actor attributes most of his fitness to what he defines as “boring” but healthy meals.

#4 He performs his own stunts.

Harrison FordSource: © The Fugitive / Warner bros.

Last year, it was said that the actor, then 78, had injured his shoulder during doing his own stunts for the film Indiana Jones 5.
Despite his advanced age, Ford loves to do his own stunts for most of his movies. Although he has a stunt double at his disposal, he prefers to do as much of the work as he can, even when the result is not always perfect. The actor suffered injuries while finishing three Indiana Jones films, and was also injured working on several other iconic movies.

#5 He loves biking.

Harrison FordSource: © Breakfast / BBC News

Harrison Ford has an amazing good shape for an 80-year-old. He is trim and toned, with muscular arms, and leads an energetic lifestyle. Even on his vacations, he has been spotted riding his bike in Los Cabos, Mexico, and in several towns in England.
Bicycling is a great aerobic exercise that strengthens legs, and bones and improves breathing. Ford’s really enjoying the benefits of this activity.

#6 He plays tennis.

Harrison FordSource: Camille Roberts/Broadimage/EAST NEWS, © Indiana Jones and the dial of destiny / Lucasfilm

Paparazzi often capture Harrison Ford coming and going from tennis practice or wearing sportswear that displays a muscular body.
He began practicing this sport a long time ago and pictures of his youth in which he is seen shirtless on a tennis court are widespread on the Internet. On some occasions, the Hollywood star has disclosed that this is how he stays in shape at his age. Tennis is truly a sport that needs immense arm strength and endurance, and it’s incredible how Ford still plays with the same passion as when he was young.

#7 He’s very punctual.

He’s very punctual.Source: © Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade / Lucasfilm © James Moy / Alamy Stock Photo

In addition to filming scenes for his new movie, Harrison Ford reportedly rides a bicycle 60 kilometers per day, takes long walks, and has six hours of sleep.
The long working days, which can last up to 11 hours, must be added to this routine. Some sources said: “It’s unbelievable. He seems to live a rigorous routine. Wake up, then lunch, a very long bike ride, and he’s on the film set by 6 pm. Then he’s back at the hotel around 5 am. He’s like clockwork. That exercise and work regimen would punish a man half his age. He has a real dedication.”

#8 He takes care of household chores.

He takes care of household chores.Source: © UPI / Alamy Stock Photo

When he has free time, Ford loves spending his days in Wyoming, working and playing a little. “Well, if I’ve finished my housework and there’s nothing else pressing and the weather’s good, I go flying. I love flying there or hiking in the woods; I do some work, I ride my road bike or mountain bike.”
As for those chores, “I do the things my wife asks me to do,” he stated in 2020. And he’s always doing something constantly: maintenance, working in his carpentry shop, or “talking to the guys who are putting a new roof on.”
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