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  1. #1. Diandra Forrest
  2. #2. Katie Piper
  3. #3. Mara Martin
  4. #4. Lyn Slater
  5. #5. Kate Grant
  6. #6. Marsha Elle
  7. #7. Lauren Wasser
  8. #8. Jillian Mercado

8 Fearless Women Who Revolutionized the Runway And Defied Decades-Long Stereotypes

In the dynamic world of fashion, change is the only constant, and it's heartening to witness the industry's transformation as it embraces diversity and dismantles long-standing stereotypes. From the emergence of plus-size models to the inclusion of individuals with unique abilities, the runway is now a canvas where authenticity takes center stage.

The journey toward inclusivity has been nothing short of remarkable. We've seen barriers crumble and glass ceilings shatter as a new generation of trailblazing women took bold steps onto the catwalk. Whether it's a radiant girl with Down syndrome owning the spotlight or a woman confidently striding down the runway in a wheelchair, these nine women have redefined beauty on their own terms.


#1. Diandra Forrest

The definition of beauty is being expanded by African-American model Diandra Forrest, who is albino. In the world of fashion, she has changed the game and irrevocably impacted it. Diandra is at ease in her own skin, has been open about her albinism, and has shared her journey to natural hair. Additionally, she has secured her first major beauty campaign as an albino model.
Diandra has had trouble finding a foundation that matches her skin tone, but she has used her platform to inspire people to recognize beauty in all its forms.

#2. Katie Piper

Katie suffered an acid attack in 2008. In order to raise awareness about burn victims, she waived her right to anonymity. She is a writer, blogger, TV presenter, and model.

#3. Mara Martin

When Mara Martin made a potent statement at a Sports Illustrated fashion show, the entire world was riveted. She confidently breastfed her infant daughter as she strode down the runway, garnering media attention and igniting discussions on motherhood and female empowerment.
Source: _maramartin_
The model later said of the occasion, "I'm so grateful to be able to share this message and hopefully normalize breastfeeding and also show others that women CAN DO IT ALL!"

#4. Lyn Slater

A 69-year-old college professor unintentionally became a "accidental icon" when she made the decision to start her own blog in order to passionately pursue her interest in fashion. She was shocked when some photographers mistakenly thought she was a model at New York Fashion Week, catapulting her to instant notoriety.
Slater defied expectations despite being in her sixties by signing with Elite models, appearing on illustrious magazine covers, and strutting down catwalks.

#5. Kate Grant

Source: kategrantmodel
When Grant was 19 and won a pageant, her successful career in the industry officially began. She has since participated in activism for a more diverse fashion industry and walked in London Fashion Week.

#6. Marsha Elle

Marsha Elle is a motivational speaker, bionic model, singer, and songwriter whose experience as an amputee has inspired countless people. She was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency, a condition that caused her to lose her legs at a young age.

Despite this, Marsha Elle has advocated for body positivity and the inclusion of people with disabilities. She has recorded music with uplifting and empowering lyrics.


#7. Lauren Wasser

Lauren Wasser had to have both of her legs amputated when she was 24 years old due to toxic shock syndrome. Wasser had two model parents growing up, and prior to getting sick, she had been doing the same.

The model decided to continue her career and work to make it more inclusive after going through a depressive period and trying to accept her new body. Since then, Wasser has used her golden prosthetic legs to walk down countless catwalks.

#8. Jillian Mercado

Jillian Mercado has bravely pursued her career goals and championed representation in the fashion industry despite having muscular dystrophy and needing a wheelchair. Mercado has actively raised awareness about disabilities through her powerful presence on the covers of numerous fashion magazines and her devoted advocacy on social media.
Source: @openbionics

She also accomplished a significant milestone by making her runway debut at New York Fashion Week, breaking barriers and serving as an inspiration to others along the way.

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