8 Beautiful Real-life Versions Of Iconic Disney Princess Costumes That Make Your Jaw Drop

Disney movies have always been an important part of our childhood, especially, since we are all fascinated by the princesses, the stars of the show. Disney princesses always have something special about them: Unrivaled beauty, quick wits, undeniable charisma, and of course, their iconic costumes. From the simple yet adorable dress of Moana to something beautiful and extravagant like Cinderella’s, they all somehow successfully complement the unique charms of each girl and become an integral part of their identity.
Of course, to make the characters look more appealing to children, the House of the Mouse has made several readjustments for the costumes from their traditional attire in real life. Therefore, if we compare the two versions together, we may get shocked to see the difference between them are like night and day, but each has its qualities. Let’s take a look at these 8 Movies vs. Real-life versions of our Disney princess costumes, and decide for yourself which one would suit the princesses better.

#1 Snow White - Snow White

Source: Pinterest, Buzzfeed YouTube Channel

Snow White's original story was from the Grimm Brothers, whose nationality was German, so it's safe to say the princess's traditional dress would look like the women's traditional attire in medieval times.

#2 Jasmine - Aladdin

Source: Pinterest,  Buzzfeed YouTube Channel

Contrary to the more revealing Disney version, the real-life counterpart, which was from the Arabian Peninsula, is quite the opposite, with loose clothing that didn't really complement the wearer's figure. This attire is from the 300s A.D., the time when Aladdin took place, which is implied by this line of Genie: "First, that fez and vest combo is much too third century."

#3 Belle - Beauty and the Beast

Source: Pinterest, Buzzfeed YouTube Channel

At the end of the movie, Belle married a wealthy prince, so we're sure that the story took place before the French Revolution when the aristocracy was still a thing. This means, the costume for ladies would look quite luxurious, and the wigs were essential at parties as well.

#4 Cinderella - Cinderella

Source: Pinterest, Instagram

Compared to the lavish dress in the movie, the traditional European dress was toned down a bit at the waist part, and some extra head accessories were often worn.

#5 Pocahontas - Pocahontas

Source: Pinterest, Buzzfeed YouTube Channel

The movie is based on the real Pocahontas, who was a Native American born in 1596. At the time, women's clothing was much more, uhh, revealing compares to the animated one. Traditionally, they wore clothes made of animal hide and tattoos drawn on their torso.

#6 Megara - Hercules

Source: Pinterest, Ellen/Patreon

Compares to others, Meg's clothing is quite historically accurate, which is based on Greek's traditional chiton for ladies. The artist, Ellen, added some bronze accessories and a toga for the character, which were quite trendy at the time.

#7 Tiana - The Princess and the Frog

Source: Pinterest, Shoomlah/Deviant Art

The traditional dress of Tiana is much more New Orleans oriented, with the iconic dop-waisted skirt which was worn back in the 1920s. Much easier to move in while grooving along the jazz, too.

#8 Moana - Moana

Source: Pinterest, Wickfield/Deviant Art

The real-life attire looks much more rugged, with fewer details so the wearer can move more comfortably. This is the traditional clothing of female Polynesian tribes, who spend their lives on the sea.
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