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101 Y.O Grandma Is Caught On Camera Throwing Away A Lobster Which Is Too Small To Be Harvested, People Online Start Making Memes About It

The times we’re in have inadvertently offered an example of why we say memes “go viral” on the internet: Like a virus, a meme spreads by copying itself. And during that process, it ends up morphing into a different variant that helps the meme spread even further. You can come across hundreds of memes – from photos, and words to videos on social networks. Every time you see a meme, you will surely laugh and wonder, “How could you come up with this meme photo?!” Meme is so interesting and unique that they can have you rolling on the floor laughing all day long.

When people online saw the picture of a 101 Y.O grandma throwing away a lobster overboard because she thought that it was too small for harvesting, they created hundreds of memes. And the post quickly went viral. Each meme has a different story, but they are all hilarious – so much so that they can make you laugh until your belly hurts. We have collected 25 of the funniest memes. Scroll down to take a look. And don’t forget to upvote your favorites.

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Everyone took to meme-ing this really straightforward idea, doing everything from using plain words to creating a Photoshop fight for everyone to enjoy.

Scroll down to discover the greatest depictions of the lobster woman on the internet, and while you’re there, learn more about her, cast your vote, and leave a comment!

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Currently, Virginia Oliver, a 101-year-old resident of Maine who is the lobster lady (also spelled jointly lobsterwoman), works the waters measuring and sorting lobsters on a fishing boat aboard. She reportedly started doing this when she was just 8 years old.

She originally appeared online in the shape of a lobster woman in a Boston Globe piece on Virginia, who was profiled and her commitment to her job as a fisherwoman.

However, the internet soon came along, and the now-viral photo of her taken by Jessica Rinaldi for The Boston Globe started its life as a meme.


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