10 Actors Ruined Their Movies They Were In And Some Of Name Might Give You A Shock

Making a good movie is a hard job that needs many hands to support production through the inevitable problems behind and in front of the camera. It takes determination, passion, and a huge budget to make sure a movie comes out right.
However, sometimes an actor can make or break a movie. Even with the most talented director, best script, and a great cast, a movie can easily become unwatched because of one bad miscasting. Not every famous actor is a good one. Some actors who have star power get horrendously miscast in a movie and that ends up ruining the movie.
We’ve completed a list of actors who ruined every movie they’re in by terrible acting.

#1 Amber Heard

Source: amberheard

I hate the Aquaman movie because everyone else is so into their roles, that they are selling it. Jason Momoa is making me believe he is Arthur and then there's Amber Heard who looks and sounds like she's reading the shit off a cue card. It's just jarring. (Imnotawerewolf)

#2 James Corden

Source: j_corden

Had no idea James Corden was an actor until now, I thought he was just a late-night show host. (Jbizzle6994)
James Corden instantly devalues the movie and makes it near unwatchable. (Electrical_Energy_75)

#3 Josh Gadd

Source: joshgad

He relies too much on his cutesy annoying voice, and his characters invariably make awkward statements that drag on longer than they need to increase the awkward level. Maybe the latter part comes down to the writers or directors, but it's always his character for some reason. (aaanold)

#4 Pete Davidson

Source: Wikipedia

I have nothing against the guy, there's just something about his face that just immediately ruins the immersion of whatever I'm watching. Which, ironically, is why I loved his role in “The Suicide Squad”, he was my biggest worry going in and he gets his face shot off about 10 minutes in. Absolutely hilarious to me. ( Alarmed_Yard5315)

#5 Jared Leto

Source: jaredleto

Hollywood keeps trying to force him on us as this edgy bad boy and it just comes across as mall ninja methhead bait. (TribblesIA)

#6 Mark Wahlberg

Source: Wikipedia

Maybe he's good in some comedies, but I can't take an actor even semi-seriously if he always wears the same expression of painful constipation. (Sadboy_Slim)

#7 Steven Seagal

Source: seagalofficial

This may sound unpopular but he is such a bad actor and so cringy that his movies are hilarious. (Vaivaim8)

#8 Jaden Smith

Source: fandom

Watching him was a whole level of pain. If you can believe it though his voice acting is even worse. (NTRedmage)

#9 Keanu Reeves

Source: keanureevesofflcial_

He was an absolute detriment to Dracula. I like to joke that his terrible accent is the reason my school kept it in the restricted section. But did he look fine. (canijustbelancelot)
Francis Ford Coppola has admitted he cast Keanu only due to his good looks to attract female moviegoers. (Quintius)

#10 Lena Dunham

Source: lenadunham

I know she's not in much but I was watching an episode of American Horror Story (the Cult season) that was focused around her and it put me in a bad mood just hearing her talk. (Viiibrations)
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