15+ Celebrity Deaths That Hit People The Hardest

The loss of a Hollywood great is never easy. Over the years, we’ve had to say goodbye to many well-known people who shake up and developed the Entertainment industry. Some passed away at a young age, some departed this life when just reaching the pinnacle of fame.
Many fans feel heartbroken and mourn their passing for a long time. People who have been inspired or moved by a piece of work are often left reeling to learn the artist behind it is gone. Though they breathed their last, they left behind movies, songs, and a positive influence on society.
We’ve rounded up some celebrity deaths that certainly bring tears to your eyes.

#1 Mr. Rogers

Source: Fotos International

As a kid growing up in Pittsburgh, so many of my afternoons were spent exploring a new world with him. I had a friend in college that I talked to after Mr. Rogers had passed, and he had said that when he and his brother were sad they both watched his show because it felt like somebody loved them. (BarneyFifesSchlong)

#2 Douglas Adams

Source: museum of science fiction

I was kind of a weird kid, had trouble connecting with people. Then I read Hitchhiker's Guide when I was 12 years old and it was like a light switched on. The strange twisting logic, the absurdism, the silly/cynical ridiculousness of it all - it felt like, for the first time, I had found a worldview and perspective I could relate to. Douglas Adams became this almost mythical figure to me. (Notmiefault)

#3 George Carlin

Source: biography

I grew up watching him and saw his live shows 3 times. Kinda felt like my amazing uncle died. Still miss him to this day. (Girth909)

#4 Christina Grimmie

Source: Paul Archuleta

She wasn't "super famous" but she was fairly big on Youtube and made it to The Voice and stuff, did some other things. She was shot dead signing autographs at age 22. It still hits me like a brick sometimes, I followed her for years growing up. (For WoodyBo)

#5 Chris Farley

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Still get upset when I think about it and haven’t watched “I Am Chris Farley” since I think it will make me sad. (SpliffyPuffSr)

#6 Anton Yelchin

Source: IMDB

Makes my stomach hurt thinking about him. Such a fun, talented and charming actor. To be crushed like that while doing something as innocuous as checking your mail is just haunting. (cartridge)

#7 Robin Williams

Source: the celebrity city

My first thought as well - someone whose life was bringing happiness to so many people died in such a tragic way. Haven't been able to bring me to watch anything by him since his death. (strangesandwich)

#8 Neal Peart

Source: Shutterstock

Both my dad and I are big Rush fans so it was heartbreaking knowing that we are never going to see him play live again. (Rosieoftheliquid)

#9 Chris Cornell

Source: IMDB

Grew up with Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog; the first Audioslave album came out when I was in high school. The epic sound seemed like a great guy. I thought he was going to survive the grudge curse. The only one left from that era now is Eddie Vedder. (im_a_zoe)

#10 Brittany Murphy

Source: AP

I still get so sad thinking about her death and the fact that she’s really gone. It’s so hard to watch uptown girls and not wanna cry. (Sweeeetestofdreams)

#11 Heath Ledger

Source: biography

He was so talented and he was surely a good guy. (Leltrue)

#12 Mac Miller

Source: Wikipedia

I was deep in my addiction at the time and looked up to him a lot. it really hurt me. I used it as motivation though to get sober. (xjulesx21)

#13 Carrie Fisher

Source: Wikipedia

I was at work when I found out and told a friend there that is a huge star wars fanatic. She started crying and got me teared up also. (WhatEnglish)

#14 Amy Winehouse

Source: britannica

She was one of those celebrities that you could see needed help. You could hear it in her music. Now that voice is gone. (WeASeL_Antigua)

#15 David Bowie

Source: beyazperde

I just sat on my bed and sobbed. It didn't help that I got like 15 texts and Facebook messages from friends and family asking if I had heard or "breaking the news" to me. (Ziggy-Starcat)

#16 Cameron Boyce

Source: Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic

His death hit me hard because his birthday is only a couple of months after mine. Having someone my age just die suddenly made me realize I could die right now. (Cat-Mama11)
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