18 Actresses Who Played "Femme Fatale" In The Past Vs Present

The most well-known actresses in Hollywood may vary like the seasons. There are always opportunities for both emerging actresses and those at the top of their professions because there are so many movies and TV series coming out one after another. However, some of the most well-known and talented actresses ever have remained in the public eye for years and may do so in the future. They conquered the hearts of the audience by the beauty of their time even when they had bad intentions. So what do they look like now?
We wondered what the actresses who embodied the images of the brightest fatal beauties in famous films and TV shows look like at the moment. We hope you will be interested.

#1 Drew Barrymore — Ivy, Poison Ivy (1992)

Source: © Poison Ivy / New Line Cinema, © face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER/ East News

Poison Ivy revolves around the character Poison Ivy (played by Drew Barrymore). Poison Ivy is a high school girl. However, compared to her peers, Ivy has a faster-growing and more sexual appearance. So she decided to seduce the father of one of her friends, Darryl Cooper (played by Tom Skerritt). It is also from this wrong decision that Poison Ivy has committed crimes that viewers cannot imagine.

#2 Catherine Deneuve — Miriam, The Hunger (1983)

Source: © The Hunger / MGM,  © DFY / KCS / East News

Catherine Deneuve is the key person in the movie. She is known as a cool elegant beauty, a legendary French actress, and a veteran of over 100 films. The Hunger is one of only seven English-language films in which she has starred.
Catherine is still a highly sought-after movie actor at the age of 77.

#3 Sharon Stone — Catherine, Basic Instinct (1992)

Source: © Basic Instinct / Canal+, © Everett Collection / East News

Many people instantly think of Catherine from the suspenseful Basic Instinct when they hear the phrase "femme fatale in a movie." Viewers would never forget the unknown author who expertly deceived police officers.
Sharon Stone, whose biography was released this year, played the role of the protagonist.

#4 Jennifer Love Hewitt — Page, Heartbreakers (2001)

Source: © Heartbreakers / MGM, © Faye Sadou / AdMedia / SIPA / Sipa Press Russia / East News

Page from Heartbreakers is the daughter of the scammer who hunts wealthy men. They are prepared to do everything as a group to obtain the money owed to those men. However, one day nothing goes as expected.
Currently, Jennifer Love Hewitt, who played Page, works primarily in TV shows.

#5 Elizabeth Berkley — Nomi, Showgirls (1995)

Source: © Showgirls / United Artists, © elizberkley / Instagram

Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley) arrives in Las Vegas with little more than a suitcase and the ambition to become a famous showgirl. She rapidly becomes friends with Molly (Gina Ravera), a high-profile Stardust Hotel employee, and secures a position in a seedy strip club. Nomi comes one step closer to attaining her ambition after a fortuitous encounter with Cristal (Gina Gershon), the marquee dancer at the Stardust, and her strong boyfriend, Zack (Kyle MacLachlan). But as she makes her way to the top, Nomi starts to question whether it was all worth it.
The audience recognized Elizabeth Berkley, who played Nomi in this precise manner. Unfortunately, the actress now only performs in roles that are less important.

#6 Patricia Arquette — Alice, Lost Highway (1997)

Source: © Lost Highway / Universal Pictures, © JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX / AFP / East News

Viewers were introduced to Patricia Arquette's femme fatale in the film Lost Highway. Alice is a gangster's girlfriend who isn't particularly faithful. She begins an affair with a mechanic, which has some rather nasty repercussions.
The actress now takes part in several films and TV shows.

#7 Faye Dunaway — Evelyn, Chinatown (1974)

Source: © Chinatown / Paramount Pictures, © Cornelius / DDP Images / East News

Beautiful and wealthy Evelyn from Chinatown hires a private investigator to find out about her husband's affair. In doing so, he is entangled in a world of deceit, corruption, and murder.
Actress Faye Dunaway is still well-liked at the age of 80.

#8 Rebecca Romijn — Laure, Femme Fatale (2002)

Source: © Femme Fatale / Warner Bros.,  © Gilbert Flores / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

Laure Ash (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) is a beautiful but mysterious woman who has aligned herself with a small ring of jewel thieves, led by a man known as Black Tie (Eriq Ebouaney), who has planned a major score during the Cannes Film Festival. Rebecca Romijn now performs voice acting in TV shows and movies.

#9 Nicole Kidman — Suzanne, To Die For (1995)

Source: © To Die For / Columbia Pictures, © Invision / Invision / East News

Nicole Kidman portrays Suzanne Stone, a lady who thrives on tv. Everything else in her life is either related to TV or occurs after it. Although she resides in the little New Hampshire hamlet of Little Hope, she believes that she is a part of the hyperspace created by supermarket tabloids, People magazine, and instant celebrities. In order to accomplish her objectives, Suzanne has an affair with a high school boy. For sensational purposes, she requires criminality.

#10 Laura Harring — Camilla, Mulholland Drive (2001)

Source: © Mulholland Dr. / Canal+, © ElenaHarring / Twitter

In the classic film Mulholland Drive, Laura Harring portrayed two characters: the frightened Rita and the alluring Camilla. The latter doesn't give a damn about other people's emotions, which results in a surprising ending.
Currently, Laura Harring sometimes appears in small roles in films and TV shows.

#11 Charlize Theron — Gilda, Head in the Clouds (2004)

Source: © Head in the Clouds / Dakota Films,© JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX / AFP / East News

From Head in the Clouds, the provocative Gilda, lives a fairly daring lifestyle. She continues to enjoy life despite the challenging historical times while annoying her lover.
Charlize Theron is a well-known actress today, but she is also a successful movie producer.

#12 Emma Wiklund — Petra, Taxi movies (1998-2018)

Source: © Taxi / TF1 Films Production, © emmaofstockholm / Instagram

Audiences remember Emma Wiklund as a stunning police commissioner from the Taxi film series. She is also an actress and model. She is dangerous to both criminals and to her male colleagues.
Sad to say, the actress is now unavailable for film roles.

#13 Emmanuelle Seigner — Mimi, Bitter Moon (1992)

Source: © Bitter Moon / Canal+, © Sebastien Courdji / KCS / East News

The formation of a femme fatale is shown in the movie Bitter Moon. After surviving the betrayal of a loved one, a Frenchwoman named Mimi undergoes transformations that are unrecognizable. Her subsequent behavior may seriously perplex the viewer.
Emmanuelle Seigner is still acting in films and TV shows.

#14 Gong Li — Hatsumomo, Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

Source: © Memoirs of a Geisha / Columbia Pictures, © Invision / Invision / East News

Hatsumomo possesses the elegance of a swan and walks in a kimono with grace so regal and polished, that many men stop dead in their tracks just to stare at her as she passes them while on the street. She uses the power of her beauty to survive and cleverly manipulate those around her.
Actress Gong Li is in high demand right now with Chinese and Hollywood producers.

#15 Vera Fischer — Yvete, The Clone TV series (2001-2002)

Source: © O Clone / Rede Globo de Televisão, © verafischeroficial / Instagram

One of the most alluring female characters in the television series The Clone is Yvete. The adoring elderly lady who enjoys wearing feminine clothing causes a father and son to argue. But Yvete has a decent heart, unlike the majority of femme fatales in the film industry.
Although actress Vera Fischer hasn't recently starred in any TV shows, her social media accounts indicate that she is doing well: Vera is in great shape and is happy with her life.

#16 Kim Basinger — Lynn, L.A. Confidential (1997)

Source: © L.A. Confidential / Warner Bros.,  © Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency / BWP Media / East News

Actress Kim Basinger won an Oscar for her performance in L.A. Confidential, and we think she deserved it. Although Lynn has questionable moral standards, she captures the audience's attention from the moment she first appears on television.
Actress Kim Basinger is still in demand. She recently appeared in the critically acclaimed movies Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

#17 Isabella Rossellini — Dorothy, Blue Velvet (1986)

Source: © Blue Velvet / 20th Century Fox, © Everett Collection / East News

In the film Blue Velvet, Isabella Rossellini portrays a seductive lounge singer who fires the passions of a dangerous gangster and a regular college student. And because of his relationship with her, the student faces serious consequences.
The actress, who is 68 years old, does voice acting and takes part in various film projects.

#18 Jennifer Coolidge — Stifler’s Mom, American Pie film series (1999-2012)

Source: © American Pie 2 / Universal Pictures, © Invision / Invision / East News

Jennifer Audrey Coolidge is an American actress and comedian. She is best known for her roles as Jeanine "Stifler's Mom" Stifler in the American Pie film series (1999–2012). The mother of one of the key characters, an attractive older woman, attracted the attention of his friends.
At the moment, the actress is frequently asked to perform the parts of elderly beauties.
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