12 Most Dangerous Celebrities On The Internet

Sometimes, we search for our favorite celebrities on the internet and can’t be happy with the results. It’s true, that some celebrities in Hollywood have been the target of peddling phishing, malware, and other scams using the old bait-and-switch scheme.
You might have to encounter malware or a computer virus when looking for the names of celebrities. According to Intel, a search for an “abused” celebrity carry a percentage of connecting with a site that contains viruses or malware. Be careful with some celebrities who might be risks on the internet. Some celebrities addressed these troubles, and some continue to be hazardous names.
Below is our roundup of 13 celebs whose fandom was targeted with a simple tap or click of a mouse.

#1 Ellen DeGeneres

Source: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Who doesn’t want to score a ticket to be in the audience of “Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways”?
Scammer took this urge as bait to score access to susceptible computers and cell phones by making fake DeGeneres Facebook pages that stolen videos from DeGeneres’ real social media accounts. And the comments below that post contained a lot of malware links.

#2 Billie Eilish

Source: billieeilish

The singer Billie Eilish was a terrible year in 2020 when her name generated viruses and malware.

#3 Barack Obama

Source: Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images

In 2009, during a presidential campaign, Obama’s official account was attacked by hackers, releasing a tweet,  “What is your opinion on Barack Obama? Take the survey and possibly win $500 in free gas,” and associated with a malware link.

#4 Celine Dion

Source: celinedion

It would be worth considering if someone visited the website of Celine Dion. There was a fan photo gallery displaying hockey spam that asked her fans to fill out their personal information and payment details after clicking a link.

#5 Alexis Bledel

Source: Jon Kopaloff

Although Alexis Bledel is famous for her warm-hearted and lovable roles as la Rory Gilmore, her dark realities on the set of The Handmaid’s Tale take her home because she has become the first target for malicious search results according to the 2019 survey. Still, Bledel was linked with the word “torrent”.

#6 Britney Spears

Source: britneyspears

People considered whether they should comment on Spear’s Instagram. There was a link hidden in hashtags and other random jargon. When you clicked on them, a website was shown up to download a fake Firefox Brower plugin. Once you get downloaded, every password and personal detail was monitored by the plugin.

#7 James Corden

Source: j_corden

The name of the late-night host was associated with suspect links. Anyway, at least he warned people to avoid clicking on dangerous links.

#8 Jimmy Fallon

Source: jimmyfallon

Although he became the king of late-night TV, he happily married a normal wife.

#9 Jackie Chan

Source: jackiechan

There were rumors about martial artist Jackie Chan's involvement in Rush Hour 4 and a Karate Kid sequel quickly spread in 2019. Despite Chan’s representatives taking down the claims, cybercriminals took advantage of the adoration and nostalgia to see Chan return to his favored roles.

#10 Amy Schumer

Source: amyschumer

Specific terms related to Amy Schumer had a higher chance of pulling down vulnerable devices. It was a 33 percent chance of being funneled to malicious websites.

#11 Rihanna

Source: rihannaofficilal

This is a serious one, Bad Gal Riri has continuously been used as bait to lure curious types to her sex tape. And there was no sex tape. And, that’s why Rihanna has been clapping back against sexism.

#12 Sophie Turner

Source: sophieeturner

Sophie Turner became a target last few years for viruses and spam.
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