10 Pairs Of Celebrities Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other

Making a good movie isn’t a piece of cake that requires many critical elements. The chemistry between actors is one of the most important factors to create memorable performances that contribute to the success of a movie. Many viewers believe that on-screen couples actually fall in love on set.
However, some movie couples may have fooled us into believing that they were meant to be, but they hated each other in real life. Hollywood publicists do their best to keep things under wraps, but the press leaks all details on purpose.
Below is a list of actors who totally hated each other.

#1 Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

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Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, who played Allie and Noah respectively in “The Notebook”, made a perfect love story. However, the two actors supposedly despised each other before filming for the movie. They were often screaming at each other or even Gosling wanted McAdams kicked off the project.

#2 Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio

Source: Romeo and Juliet 1996

The couple had a romantic story in “Romeo and Juliet” that brought viewers to tears, but in reality, they didn’t like each other. While Danes wasn’t happy with Leo’s habit of pranking everyone on set, Leo thought Danes to be uptight on the sets of the movie.

#3 Anne Hathaway and James Franco

Source: Kevin Winter

James Franco revealed that he and Anne Hathaway had made up after hosting the Oscars in 2011, but they had not talked in a while. Even when Howard asked Franco about his relationship with Anne, the actor said that she would not be happy as he was talking about the topic.

#4 Lea Michele and Naya Rivera

Source: Fox

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera were like two sides of the same battery. They were strong-willed and competitive that not just with each other but with everyone and made a bad mixture.

#5 Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie

Source: Carlos Alvarez

The chemistry between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie was supposed to fly off the charts in “The Tourist”, but in private, they’re not getting along. Angelina was upset as Jonny didn’t clean himself up in filmmaking while crews claimed that he thought she was totally full of herself.

#6 Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall

Source: Bryan Bedder

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall played best friends in “Sex and the City”, but some argued that it was an act. Cattrall reportedly said that Parker was paid double other cast members, while Parker claimed that they weren’t great friends in real life.

#7 Harrison Ford and Sean Young

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On the set of “Blade Runner”, Harrison Ford and Sean Young played lovers in a futuristic Los Angeles.  However, when the cameras turned off, they couldn’t stand each other.

#8 Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley

Source: Robert Benson

During five months of filming, Dobrev revealed that she and Paul Wasley couldn’t stand each other. Fortunately, they became friends today. The actress shared it was so funny how time changed everything because she never thought that he’d be one of her best friends.

#9 Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey

Source: Game of Thrones

Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey have conspicuously never shared the screen when starring in “Games of Thrones”. Some sources said that they weren’t on speaking terms and refused to work together.

#10 Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel

Source: George Pimentel

Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel starred in the 2006 Disney musical phenomenon “High School Musical”, in which they portrayed fame-hungry twins Sharpay and Ryan Evans. The two actors seemed as thick as thieves but they weren’t actually friends on and off-screen.
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