19 Celebrities Who Give People A Sense Of Nuisance

Some people are fortunate enough to have the chance to achieve fame throughout their lifetime, whether it be as a result of their inherent skill, irresistible charm, or just plain good fortune. Some people are even born famous, with their future and financial security already in place.
Though many people like feasting on rumors about these celebrities who are not exactly being friendly to us commoners, being famous do not necessarily correlate to excusing them for some of their acts. Many flight attendants and restaurant waiters have posted their encounters with certain celebrities on social media sites like Twitter and TikTok. While most of them were kind, some of them weren't so much.
We're all flawed in some ways, but being famous merely makes these folks easier targets for criticism, and many people enjoy calling them "annoying" despite never having even met them. View the comments made to this thread below!

1. Sia

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From PhotonInABox: "Sia. The weird control she has over the young dancer from her music videos. Apparently she won't let her (the dancer) have any other gigs."

2. Olivia Munn

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From Lazy_Osprey: "I don't know if I even have a good explanation but something about Olivia Munn is just off-putting to me."

3. Christina Aguilera

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From Green_Ad_3074
"This isn’t a vibe; it is real. I met her at a meet and greet when I was 10 years old because of my Make-A-Wish wish (Backstreet Boys weren’t available). I was a sick kid, looked very physically sick, and she took one look at me up and down, made an “ew” face, but quickly faked a smile for the camera. She’s a grade A asshole."

4. Dr. Oz

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From LawSchoolFamous

· "Dr. Oz has serious serial killer vibes."

From Bone-of-Contention:

"He’s probably indirectly killed some folks with his awful “medical” advice."

5. Wendy Williams

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From AnAwkwardStag:
"After seeing a clip of her mocking Terry Crews for coming our publicly about being sexually assaulted, I can't believe she still gets views. Her audience is a bunch of braindead fuckheads to CLAP at her horrible statements."
From oliferro "She looks like someone who's been bullied their whole life so they decided to use their "fame" to bully people"

6. Kenneth Copeland

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From dmiller59
"If there is a devil, he’s most certainly Kenneth Copeland."

7. G-Eazy

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From hunteqthemighty:

"G-Eazy, super creepy dude. Kept hitting on my photographer even after she declined him multiple times and said she had a kid and a man. After he left someone from his team gave her a hotel room key which she threw away.

8. Big Sean

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From hunteqthemighty

"Big Sean, overall ass hole. Spit at me because I was filming his “wrong side.” Should have walked off that job but didn’t.

Really the only two celebrities I’ve encountered that weren’t professional, and/or kind."

9. Nicado Avocado

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From oarngebean

"Nicado avocado. The muckbang youtuber theres something seriously wrong with that guy. He needs mental help"

10. Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos and his creepy ass laugh. He always sounds like he's laughing in mockery at the rest of the world."

11. Nick Cannon

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"The guy who had four kids by three different women in one calendar year? Yeah, kinda skeezy."

12. John Travolta

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"Yeah, Scientology does weird things to people. Any of those celebrities who have been neck deep in it have this glossy-eyed, uncanny-valley aura about them that something isn’t right. It’s very offputting."

13. Jefree Star

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From wheres_mayramaines

"Couldn't stand him when he was MySpace famous, and I can't stand him now. I was so upset when he became a YouTube "beauty guru." He's been notoriously narcissistic, racist, and just plain awful."

14. Christian Bale

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From tkcool73

"Christian Bale said he based his performance as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho on the impression he got of Tom Cruise after meeting him. Really makes you think about what Tom Cruise must be like"

15. Jared Leto

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From WhichPolicy4857"

"I was a fan of his (back then amazing) band. It was scary to watch him go off the rails more and more. The weird obsession with sex, the cult bullshit, taking advantage of gullible teens, acting like he's fucking Jesus. I used to adore him as a teen, now he just gives me the ick. Following his career was like watching someone descend into madness.

My gut feeling is rarely off, he just gives me the feeling impending doom."

16. Elizabeth Moss

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From ViajeraFrustrada

"Something about her starring in a cult show while still being a cult member and defending it doesn’t sit right with me."

17. Gwyneth Paltrow

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"Gwyneth Paltrow- Goop is a terrible modern day snake oil cure all elixir company. But no, buy my overpriced unhealthy vagina eggs that every dr will tell you not to use. Hey do you want these stickers that astronauts use that dont do anything at all for $120?"

18. Dj Khaled

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From Intothedeependindy

"Dj khaled…theirs nothing authentic and down to earth about him it’s all an image and it was made obvious when the whole Tyler the creator number one album thing came out, the industry might love him but he’s a egomaniac who thrives off others success"

19. James Charles

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From elli3snailie
" I cant stand the way he talks. Its like hes shouting every word"
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