Woman Wonders If She Was A Jerk For Taking The Cake She Baked For Her Fiance's Birthday And Going Home

Who says marriage is easy? No, marriage is tough. Actually, not only marriage but everything in life is also hard, from relationships and parenting to work. But when you start a married life, you will have to manage all of those things mentioned above. Then you will realize that marriage is even harder and it always takes a lot of effort.
Yes, becoming engaged is a joyous and exciting moment, and wedding preparation may occasionally be exciting as well as thrilling. However, individuals seldom ever discuss or consider the actual details that take place after saying "I do."
The phrase "newlywed" brings up pictures of smiles, love, couples holding hands, dancing, and sharing passionate kisses. However, a newlywed couple is not much different from anything else that is new. For instance, a brand-new automobile could have a sparkling exterior and a pleasant scent. But until you sit on the seat for a while, it's not entirely comfy, and until you figure out what each sophisticated device does and how to use it, it can be difficult. The same is true with new shoes. Although they match everything in your closet and have a wonderful appearance, they are the first pain in your feet for a few weeks. You don't understand how much you enjoy them and can't believe you ever lived without them until you wear them, stretch them a little, conform them to the curve of your foot, and break them in. There is no difference in marriage.
Like the woman below, after getting married to her current husband, she has experienced a lot of difficulties. And one of them is the not-best relationship with her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law often commented on her hair and body. And recently, the OP couldn't stand her mother-in-law any longer. As she shared her case on the r/AmItheAsshole subreddit, on her husband's birthday, she left the party with the cake she baked for him. And she didn't know whether she was wrong or not. Now, scroll down to read the entire story and tell us if she was a jerk or not.

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Source: EmilyPaterson099

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