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15 Celebrities Who Are Super Generous To Waiters

It is essential to tip your servers at all times since the minimum salary is insufficient to cover the rising cost of living. Your bartender, waiter, hairdresser, nail technician, or doorman all depend on tips to support their livelihoods, so always leave them a little more. Famous artists, actors, and actresses are known for tipping generously. Some of these famous people who give generous gratuities do so to recognize excellent service, while others are committed to letting their blackjack dealers know how much they are appreciated.

These celebrities are experts at spreading the wealth, offering extravagant gratuity in the four figures and complimentary concert tickets. Below are the 15 celebrities who are super generous to waiters.

1. Jimmy Fallon

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The Tonight Show host is giving back to the community to start the year. After dining with his wife at Kissaki Sushi in New York, Fallon reportedly left a $400 tip, according to Page Six. Even better, he was gracious enough to stay and take pictures with fans who were dining nearby (while wearing a mask, of course).

The late-night presenter has already displayed his giving side. He paid the staggering $1,136 tab for a table of four at Il Mulino back in 2018!

2. Harry Styles

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He has both style and class! While on vacation in the Caribbean with Adele and James Corden, the “Watermelon Sugar” singer left a $2,020 tip at the end of a dinner, even though the tab was less than $500. Even better, he wrote “Happy New Year” on the receipt!

3. H.E.R.

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The singer of “Hard Place” celebrated her early 2020 Grammy nominations and a friend’s birthday with a supper at Brooklyn Chop House. After her table had done eating, she reportedly left a huge $1,000 tip, according to Page Six.

4. Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift, a singer, and songwriter, is no stranger to charity. After learning that a Philadelphia chef’s autistic kid was a big admirer, the evermore singer reportedly gave a $500 gratuity and two concert tickets.

5. Rihanna

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Rihanna allegedly asked the server at a Los Angeles comedy club what his biggest tip had ever been when she was handed a $80 bill. She allegedly handed him $200 after hearing his $100 offer and declared, “Now I’m your greatest tip!”

6. Drew Barrymore

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Laughtery woman and mother of two Along with her kind smiles, Drew Barrymore is known for leaving 100% tips on her tabs. According to Forbes, Barrymore stunned former bartender and Ugly Betty actress Anna Oritz on many occasions by paying double the amount of her tab while she was serving the effervescent actress before she landed her part on the popular series.

7. Charlize Theron

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Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron stopped by a Pinkberry location, according to TMZ, for some ice yogurt. However, she had no cash on her. She promised to return and settle the $3.75 bill. Theron did about an hour later. She gave the shocked Pinkberry employee a $100 cash as payment and a $96.25 tip.

8. Jay-Z

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In 2011, Jay-Z attended an upscale Miami restaurant to celebrate the release of an album. The champagne was pouring, and by the time the party ended, the bill was close to $250,000. The rapper left a $50,000 tip when he paid the bill at the end of the evening.

9. Jim Carrey

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Jim Carrey reportedly gave a waitress in New York City a sizable tip over the weekend, according to the gossip blog Page Six of the New York Post. According to reports, the “Dumb and Dumber” star left $225 on a $151 tab while dining with pals at Chester eatery. What had he got? According to the source, he selected quinoa, pinot noir, sparkling water, and lemon chicken.

10. David Beckham

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Following a charity soccer game in 2008, David Beckham went out with a handful of his teammates. Only $100 was on the tiny note. However, Becks left one of the biggest tips ever—$1000.

At the time, Claudia Belden, a waiter, claimed, “David exclusively drank mineral water.” “He provided autographs to everybody who requested one. He smelled wonderful! He didn’t mind at all that I gave him such a firm embrace.”

11. Kyle Richards

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Kyle Richards, a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, may occasionally become agitated on the show (which is understandable), but she is by no means aggressive in person. The reality actress reportedly once paid a valet employee a stunning $30 gratuity simply for bringing her car back, according to the Daily Mail. Talk about being kind!

12. Naomi Campbell

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell tips generously despite what you would believe. Campbell went out to supper in London with the actress Cameron Diaz. The two went to the Whisky Mist pub for a few drinks after supper. She gave the waitress a $9,200 tip at the conclusion of the night. Yes, $9,200. According to Metro, the waitress was startled. “She was at a loss for words and thoughts. The kind thank you from Naomi left her speechless.”

13. Mark Cuban

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Owner Mark Cuban took the Dallas Mavericks squad out to celebrate their 2011 NBA Championship victory. They spent $110,000, including $90,000 for a bottle of champagne. At night’s conclusion, Cuban took the tab and left a $20,000 tip. Worth every cent, he said, according to the New York Post.

14. Peyton Manning

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One evening in a restaurant in North Carolina, NFL star Peyton Manning left a wonderful tip: 18% gratuity plus an additional $200. Unfortunately, the waitress was dismissed for violating the restaurant’s privacy policies when she uploaded a picture of the bill online. Whoops!

15. Ellen DeGeneres

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With the response from her current and former staff from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen undoubtedly had a difficult year. She has earned a reputation for giving generously, both in her program and in her personal life. Who could forget the pizza delivery man who fed the celebs in their seats at the Academy Awards when she had attended? She received $1,000 in tips overall, and she invited him to come on her show to share his tale.