18 Most Absurd Signs Spotted Around The World

Making signs is pretty simple: just write whatever it is you want to say in bold letters and add some illustrations for clarity or artistic purposes. And while they are mostly used to convey some sort of important information, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.

Warning signs are put in place to give useful pointers and usually don't warrant much further attention, but sometimes the person creating them makes such a blunder they end up  being more hilarious than helpful. 

If you travel frequently, you've certainly noticed how nearly identical street signs are in every nation you go to. That's not surprising because they are typically written such that everyone, regardless of nationality, could comprehend them and not get into trouble.
However, if it differs from your hometown, you will always notice even the smallest change in size or color. Of course, minor variations in color and shape pale in comparison to the humorous signs you are about to encounter because human ignorance (or is it creativity?) is unrestrained on a global scale. In actuality, these perplexing indicators are not helpful at all. We've put together a collection of amusing signs today because they were just too amusing not to post online. View a few of the better ones in the gallery below, and read our earlier articles if you want to see more.



















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