17 Times Brides Called Out Their Bridesmaids For Being A Ruin To Their Weddings

The happiest day of your life should be your wedding day. However, things frequently go wrong because of the stress, sleepless nights, and pressure to make it perfect. Blame the terrible weather, poor planning, mercury in retrograde, or the bridesmaids, which brings us to the subject of this post.
You're certainly aware with the "Wedding Shaming" section of Reddit, where people gather to skewer unsuccessful weddings for everything from tacky attire to lewd behavior. If you just got back from a wedding you'd much rather have missed, Reddit's the place to vent with 312k users. This time, both on the subreddit and in this Ask Reddit thread, brides are sharing the worst bridesmaid stories that occurred during their weddings.
The following anecdotes make you ponder how crucial it is to pick your close friends and family carefully in order to avoid having your spotlight stolen and a terrible memory.


We chatted with the expert to learn more about what it takes to be a wonderful bridesmaid, how prevalent drama is during the wedding planning process, and how to avoid it: Jen Glantz is the creator of The Newlywed Card Game and Bridesmaid for Hire. She is also a three-time best-selling author, a host on the podcast You're Not Getting Any Younger, and the mind behind the Jen & Juice coaching, digital courses, and Pick-Me-Up newsletter.
Glantz asserted that contrary to what we may believe, bridal parties are actually rife with tension and drama. "That's because weddings are full of choices, unexpected problems, and a lot of feelings. It may create a degree of intensity in a relationship that didn't there before the wedding when you involve your friends and family, ask them to support you, and give them a list of tasks to complete while you're on your wedding trip, she said.


According to Glantz, a lot of disagreements arise from a lack of expectations and communication. Before the wedding planning process even begins, "so much may be avoided if the person getting married plainly communicates what they want from their bridal party and the members in the bridal party honestly share what they are able and willing to do." Glantz responded that being the ideal bridesmaid for the bride is quite similar to being a good friend. Have a strategy in mind before you even agree to be a bridesmaid, she advised.
















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