Company Sends An Email Revealing The Reason Why They Rejected A Candidate, And The Internet Mocks Them For It

The purpose of a job interview is to convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate. However, because interviews are frequently perceived as "high stakes" situations, many people feel nervous and anxious before or during their interviews. Stress and worry from interviews might manifest as sweaty hands, a racing heart, rushing thoughts, and difficulty concentrating. Preparing for an interview can be stressful for people who have little to no experience doing so. Even experienced professionals with years of interview experience can experience anxiety or overwhelm before, during, or after an interview.
Candidates always want to make sure we arrive on time, are as prepared as possible, and make a flawless first impression. However, life isn't always like a dream. Things go off track at times. We can't make sure what the interviewer thinks of us and whether we passed the interview or not.
F*ck You I Quit is a popular account with over 160k Twitter followers. The account is dedicated to "highlighting workers’ conflicts with poor management and corporate greed". Last week, the “F*ck You I Quit” Twitter account revealed a screenshot of an email of a recruiting manager rejecting an applicant by email. The tweet quickly sparked some discussion among their followers. If you are curious, scroll down below to read the infuriating email, as well as Twitter users' irate replies to the lack of professionalism shown, and an interview with the F*ck You I Quit creator. Also, don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Last week, the F*ck You I Quit Twitter account shared a screenshot of an unprofessional rejection email that was sent to a job candidate

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Readers criticized the business for their irrational expectations in response to the story

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Some people even provided personal stories of similarly aggravating experiences when job hunting

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