Twitter Thread: Cats Are Not Actually Aloof, They Are Super Affectionate To Their Humans

Cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent. So, there's a misconception about our feline friends not showing love to their owners. They say cats are selfish beings and don't care about the people around them. However, it's simply not true. In fact, our furry friends are very affectionate and love receiving attention from their humans. In some cases, they can be as affectionate as dog companions.
For all those out there who believe that cats are not affectionate, we are here to prove that it is wrong. In this post, we collected some amazing stories shared by Twitter users that will break cat myths and misconceptions. Cats love their humans incredibly hard. Although they show love differently than humans and differently than dogs, they still show it. It's time to stop stereotyping cats! Scroll down to check them out!


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Here some people say about the love and affection in cats and dogs:

  • "I haven't own any dogs, but I agree that cats can be equally if not more loving that dogs. Hell my cat probably has a dogs brain. Like she gets stressed whenever I leave house for than couple minutes, she follows me everywhere, always comes for snuggles and pets. Sure she won't protect house from intruders, but that really ain't an issue. Bringing dead animals as gifts? She can't catch anything for the love of her life so there's no problems with that." Hentai-hercogs
  • "My cats follow me around, look to be petted, try to follow me into my car and my house ( the feral outdoor cats), rub against me( I spend a small fortune on lint rollers lol), and run to the door when they hear my key in the lock. If they were any more affectionate I might have to move out!" Starlene Scott
  • "I think both animals are very intelligent (depending on their personalities) and have their own ways to show love to us." Queen_of_flatulence
  • "I have had several family dogs while growing up, both adopted and different breeds. Yes dogs are loyal and fun but so are cats. I have a Persian cat right now and he is such a sweet and kind furball and is so intelligent. He has never even hissed or bitten or scratched anyone ever, even if someone else is stepping on his personal boundaries and making him uncomfortable. He is so gentle and puts him paw my hand to tell me to stop instead of biting my hand or growling. I think both cats and dogs are equally loving. But yes, a cat doesn’t love just anyone. If a cat loves you, it is 100% genuine like how you love your partner or parents. Dogs on the other hand show love to everyone like friends." thekawaiipisces
What do you think about this post? Which is more affectionate, cats or dogs? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below!
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