5 Shady Celebs Who Were Caught Red-Handed Stealing From Charities

celebrities make a lot of money. Like, a lot! Many of which are even worth billions of dollars.
While many spend on their lavish lifestyle, others spread their wealth to others who are less fortunate. Celebrities can give through large donations to charities; some even set up their own celebrities to advocate for their cause.
And thanks to their legion of fans and huge influence, these celebrity-backed charities can get a lot of money for their cause. From leukemia to orphan children, to even veganism, celebrities can set up funds to endorse any soft stories.
Unfortunately, some of these charities are built on more sinister grounds than others. Because many countries tax charities a lot less, these funds become the perfect target for tax evasion and money laundering schemes. And because they are endorsed by celebrities, these funds can be very innocuous.
But no crimes are perfect. Here are shady celebs who were caught red-handed stealing from charities.

#1 The Kardashians

The Kardashians are very involved in philanthropic work. Or, at least, that's how it appears. The former Mr. Kardashian, Kanye West, seeks to save lives through his Kanye West Foundation. It reported $0 in donations, gifts, and grants in 2010 while operating expenses were $572,383.
The prior year had identical operational expenditures, and the organization donated $583 to charity. Kim Kardashian's eBay charity sales only distribute 10% of the revenue to those in need. Cathy's Kids, Lamar and Khloe's cancer research foundation, has never actually funded any cancer patients or research campaigns. It instead funds two basketball teams. How is cancer awareness going?

#2 Naomi Campbell

Suffice it to say, this supermodel is... not the nicest person. But we had no idea she could be so contradictory. Campbell was a vocal advocate of anti-cruelty organizations. Back in the day, she was in one of those iconic "I'd Rather Go Naked" commercials. So, what prompted her to start modeling for Dennis Basso's fur collections? Did a chinchilla pee in her car, or did a Mynx gnaw on her clothes? That PETA campaign, in our opinion, was simply intended to make her appear nice. Her heart was constantly in that huge handbag.

#3 Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin, the Lifetime series star: Bristol Palin, the daughter of Sarah Palin, has had a teenage pregnancy. As a result, she was hired to work with Candie's Foundation to raise awareness about the problem. There selfgültig cheval chevalgültig cheval chevalcours cheval sleepgültig cheval mattergültig cheval actualgültig cheval solidgültig cheval actualgültig cheval Augültig cheval actual avoid cheval. Do you know how much she was compensated for her efforts in this good cause? Approximately $262,000. This appears to be a pyramid scam rather than a charity.

#4 Chris Brown

To suggest Chris Brown has an image problem would be an understatement. His domestic violence charge has made him one of the music industry's most divisive figures. His unpredictable behavior on and off camera is famous. So the guy's public relations staff never lets him pass on an opportunity to 'give back to the community and look good doing it. Chris Brown, on the other hand, has a difficult time being modest when conducting charitable work.
He takes to Instagram to demonstrate his goodness, but he fails terribly. He gives out turkeys to youngsters while shooting pictures and without even bothering to pixelate them. He was also accused of hypocrisy after gifting a vehicle to a victim of domestic violence.

#5 Wyclef Jean

It takes a certain sort of monster to profit off people's pain during a crisis. Wyclef Jean was one of the most outspoken advocates of Haitian disaster aid. Since its inception, his group, Yele Haiti, has received about 16 million dollars in donations. The majority of the funds never made it to Haitians. Instead, money was spent on dubious transactions, dubious payments to family members, and no-bid contracts. Wyclef Jean attempted to use the nonprofit group to gain power and run for President of his own nation. What audacity!
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