Fitness Influencer Delivers A 9-Lb Baby In One 30-Second Push, Credits Working Out

Parents-to-be go through a lot of trouble preparing for the moment their new baby will come into the world. Each person has their own different ways to stay healthy during pregnancy: eating healthy foods, taking a daily prenatal vitamin, not drinking alcohol, reducing stress, and getting plenty of sleep—just to name a few. And some claim that during pregnancy, mothers shouldn't do high-intensity exercise because it has a harmful influence on the baby.
According to the NHS, it will be easier for you to adjust to your altered form and weight increase the more fit and active you are when pregnant. Additionally, it will help you get through labor and recover after childbirth. Your baby won't be harmed by exercise. There is some evidence to suggest that active women are less likely to have issues with labor and later pregnancy.
Like the influencer below, she is continuing to hit the gym during her pregnancy, which makes things a whole lot easier.

Influencers on social media who reveal they are pregnant receive greater criticism

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Influencers on social media who post about their pregnancies frequently assist other pregnant parents by responding to inquiries and being honest about difficulties.
They do, however, encounter a lot more criticism from outsiders and trolls.

Yanyah Milutinović is a mom and fitness influencer

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Yanyah Milutinović, a fitness influencer, and self-described "Fit Mom," may be found on social media with the handle @yanyahgotitmade.
On Instagram, Yanyah has over 349k followers and on TikTok, she has 182k.

The mother of two shares an honest account of her life with her fans

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The fitness mom-influence isn't hesitant about publishing details of her life online, including her gym routine and experiences as a new mother.
In the summer of 2021, Yanyah gave birth to her son after giving birth to her first kid four years earlier.

She continued to exercise despite being pregnant

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Yanyah maintained a rigorous fitness schedule in the months before the birth of her kid, raising concerns among fans about its safety.
The mother continued to publish videos of her strength training despite the criticism.

Throughout Yanyah's pregnancy, unfavorable remarks were made on her videos

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The mother-of-two has had some time to think back on her pregnant experience as her baby approaches his first birthday.
In a recent video, Yanyah draws attention to the barrage of unfavorable remarks she received online for advocating a "fit" pregnancy.

Critical commenters judged the mom

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Yanyah was the subject of the bulk of comments from mommy-shamers because she engaged in behavior they said would "damage" her unborn child.
Yanyah, on the other hand, is adamant that her incredibly active lifestyle makes being pregnant easier.

Trolls said "She's killing her baby"

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The fitness mom responded to her detractors by posting a video with screenshots of all the incredibly offensive remarks she had been subjected to throughout her pregnancy.
"She's killing her baby," one unduly alarmed responder even stated.

At full term, Yanyah gave birth to a healthy 9-pound son

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In the caption, Yanyah explained that she carried her son for 40+ weeks before giving birth to a "9lbs healthy boy."
The video included the hashtags "#ListenToYourBody #TrustYourInstincts #StrongAsAMother and #FitPregnancy."

The baby boy had the highest Apgar score possible

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She received the "highest Apgar score possible," Yahyah continued. Doctors use an Apgar score to describe a newborn baby's status just after birth.
A standard result of 7, 8, or 9 indicates that the infant is healthy. There is a maximum score of 10.

In a single, 30-second push, the mother gave birth to her son

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The mother's last post reveals that she gave birth to her baby in "30 seconds and in ONE SINGLE PUSH. That's all I got to say."
The birth of Yanyah's kid took place in a single 30-second push, making the entire process very short.

Some commenters shared their own birth stories

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Individual birth tales were eagerly shared by commenters. Yanyah's hypothesis that her level of fitness made the pregnancy simpler was supported by several of the commenters.
Different parents held different views.

A woman on long-term bed rest also had an easy delivery

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One reader mentioned that she delivered similarly despite spending most of her own 9-month pregnancy in bed.
She continues by saying that some women are just more adept at pushing spontaneously during labor.

Most people were supportive of the mom

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The majority of the support for Yanyah's birth narrative video was very positive

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Her supporters applauded the mother for her fortitude while simultaneously denouncing the harsh remark of trolls.
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