18 Before And After Images About Celebrities And Their Lip Job

We frequently have criticism for one aspect of our bodies over another. It's also true that we frequently admire the beauty of our favorite celebrities and aspire to be just as attractive as them. But even famous people don't look like themselves in today's plastic-filled environment. Call it the stress of being in the spotlight all the time, but celebrities are more likely to get cosmetic surgery. Additionally, it's usual to see celebrities having lip fillers.
Many famous people have had their lips altered, ranging from the lips of Anna Friel to the lips of Kylie Jenner. Check out our gallery of before and after shots of celebrity, lip injections to discover whether some of the results surprise you or if you already heard about them.

1. Kylie Jenner Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Kylie Jenner is one of the most well-known celebs that uses lip fillers. Kylie grew up in front of our eyes, much as her sister Kendall did. She changed from a shy adolescent to a mature adult before our eyes. Our attention was also drawn to her unexpectedly full lips.
She first disputed any allegations of using fillers and claimed that her full lips were the product of overlining. But she soon came to terms with having lip injections. Her lips quickly rose to the top of celebrity must-have lists. When Kylie learned she was expecting her first child, things started to shift for her.
She did not have any of her treatments during her pregnancy and grew to like her natural appearance. As a result, she made the decision to completely stop using the fillers. She now has a natural talent.

2. Kendall Jenner Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Kendall Jenner is the first on our list of famous people who had lip injections. One of the highest-paid supermodels in the world is this doe-eyed beauty. It was also simpler to recognize this celebrity lip augmentation because we really watched her mature before our eyes.
Even if the model has refuted the claims of cosmetic surgery and attributes her new appearance to age. Her larger lips, though, convey a different tale. Furthermore, it is simple to accept reports about lip fillers considering the Kardashian-Jenner family's history with cosmetic surgery.

3. Lady Gaga Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Lady Gaga is another well-known person who uses lip fillers. She has maintained that she has not undergone cosmetic surgery, despite the fact that it is a popular practice nowadays and that many of her fellow pop singers have.
However, a quick glance at her before and after photos reveals a completely different tale. Her lips used to be flatter and a little thinner. She now has a larger, plumper pout, which has altered the way she looks overall. It has been left up to speculation as to whether it is a creative use of lip plumber or the result of lip fillers.

4. Angelina Jolie Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

The ideal celebrity lip filler is Angelina, who is a good example. Her name frequently appears on the list of famous people who get lip fillers, and there have been rumors. Although she has not yet refuted or confirmed the allegations, rumors continue to circulate. She did have larger lips, it's true. Good makeup application methods or even minor lip fillers may have contributed to her current appearance.

5. Kim Kardashian Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is one of the most well-known celebrities to use lip fillers. The Kardashian-Jenner family is notorious for changing their features one operation at a time. The use of fillers is pretty obvious given how much her look has altered over time. Hers is the greatest celebrity lip filler, whether you love her or despise her.

6. Mindy Kaling Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Lip fillers are more frequent than you may think among celebrities. Even Mindy Kaling is thought to have had her lips altered. According to rumors, Mindy has undergone a number of cosmetic surgeries to improve her appearance.
Although there is little to no proof, fans can't quit speculating that she has lip fillers. She may have used fillers, but the results are still quite sophisticated and subtle.

7. Anna Faris Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Celebrity lip augmentation rumors regarding Anna Faris are not just conjecture; the actress has openly acknowledged them. She has talked openly about all of her cosmetic procedures, including the lip injections.
She underwent a breast augmentation following her divorce from Ben Indra, and she underwent lip injections as a professional move for her role in the film The House Bunny.

8. Lucy Hale Lip Injections

Source: Getty Images

Lucy Hale has joined the trend of celebrities getting lip injections. She is one of the most attractive actors and has changed much in recent years. Although aging and weight loss may have contributed to these changes, our attention is drawn to her changed lips.
Fans think she already had gorgeous lips, but maybe that wasn't enough for the Pretty Little Liars actress. She had lip injections to improve her lips, and she now proudly displays even plumper and bigger lips. Many people think that Lucy Hale's physical alteration may have been caused by more than just lip injections.

9. Leah Remini Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Another celebrity having lip fillers is Leah Remini. Even though this American actress has always denied having any cosmetic procedures, with the exception of Botox, the allegations continue to circulate. The way her lips looked had altered, giving rise to rumors. Her lips appear much larger in the after photos as compared to the prior ones.

10. Khloe Kardashian Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Another Kardashian sibling whose appearance has significantly changed is Khloe. She has significantly reduced her weight, and she has also modified her cosmetics over time. However, one Instagram post made all of her fans start speculating.
Her lips had a completely new appearance, which also changed how she appeared. This is unmistakably an instance of lip enhancement on a celebrity.

11. Bella Thorne Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Another well-known celebrity using lip fillers is Bella Thorne. Since she was a young child of six years old, she has been in the spotlight. At age 16, she began getting lip injections, but the results weren't great. She continued to grow larger lips despite that. She later had successful lip injections, and she now has bigger, more defined lips.

12. Cheryl Cole Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

The newest addition to the list of celebrities who had lip injections is Chery Cole. Cheryl's altered look in the music video for "Love made me do it" started the allegations that she had lip injections. The artist has refuted these claims, attributing her new look to being a mother.

13. Gwen Stefani Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Another well-known case of artificial lips among celebrities is Gwen Stefani. Obviously, she has aged and altered in looks. She employed overlining to make up for the thinness of her top lips. She may have become weary though since her lips appeared to be somewhat larger and thicker.

14. Anna Friel Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Another well-known celebrity having lip fillers is Anna Friel. Anna's lips have always been small, but her most recent photos have caused speculation about lip injections. The lips of Anna Friel were unmistakably different from how they had previously appeared. Now, they are fuller and plumper.

15. Leslie Ash Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

One of the stars that received poor lip injections is Leslie Ash. In 2003, she had collagen lip implants, which backfired. She has experienced the drawbacks of cosmetic surgery and now informs others of them. She is one of the few famous people who has freely discussed her lip filler treatment and her emotions about it.

16. Snooki Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Another well-known celebrity using lip fillers is Snooki, who has been quite honest about using them. She said that her decision to undergo lip injections was motivated by her insecurities. She has also expressed that she disliked having thin lips and that she was enjoying having her lips plumped. Snooki is now more self-assured than ever and even responding to her critics with witty rejoinders.

17. Meg Ryan Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

One of the celebrities having lip fillers is the Harry Met Sally actor. Meg Ryan's look has drastically altered over the years, and it's not just because she's gotten older. She allegedly underwent many cosmetic treatments, including lip injections, and the majority of them ended up being disastrous. Meg allegedly developed a cosmetic surgery addiction because she couldn't handle the stress of living in the spotlight.

18. Lisa Rinna Lip Job

Source: Getty Images

Another celebrity that received subpar lip injections is Lisa Rinna. She has freely discussed her unfortunate experience with celebrity lip implants. She was quoted as claiming that she wanted to get her lips done since she was young and was inspired by the movie Beaches. Lisa claims she seemed like a freak and that her big lips did not look natural. She underwent more surgery in 2016 to repair the damage.
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