20 Times People Made The Worst Home Decor Choices

Have you ever seen the worst home decor examples? Finding a delicate yet appealing balance between form and function is the key to good design. Though much depends on what you want to accomplish, a good general rule of thumb is to make your designs straightforward so that they are understandable, useful, and appealing. However, some individuals toss the guideline out the window and into the trash. Then they just wing it.
You should maintain a social distance from terrible house interior designs, but you can't deny that they can be humorous. as long as we're not talking about your house! We brought you the funniest, most embarrassing interior design gaffes to prove common sense is actually pretty unusual in order to help you laugh and feel better about having to stay in your wonderful home during the lockdown.
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#1 Not sure if I should shame or praise

One of the world's smartest authorities on well-done design is Dieter Rams, a designer. He coined his 10 design principles in the 1970s after claiming that the environment was filled with "an impenetrable mixture of forms, colors, and noises." He stated timeless principles, which in our opinion are just as significant today as they were then.
For Rams, the excellent design must be both inventive and practical. It must combine the two in a way that doesn't sacrifice either form or function for the other. Better still if a product is self-explanatory! That holds true for all designs; if anything is overdesigned, confusion may result.

#2 Home for a teletubby

Similar to this, Rams contends that excellent design eliminates superfluous elements and is sincere, resilient, environmentally friendly, and has a longer lifespan than current trends. In short, aim for purity. Show the core of the design. Get rid of superfluous items. Less is more.
But it's not just us who believes that entertaining terrible designs can be a lot of fun (and not just a warning about what to avoid doing). In a previous interview with Bored Panda, the creators of the Ugly Design Instagram page, Jonas Nyffenegger, and Sébastien Mathys said that ugly designs draw people in and jump out at them from the screen.

#3 This gives me a headache

Additionally, horrifying designs never cease to astound people. When you believe you have descended to the depths of the (Un)Aesthetic Abyss, you quickly realize that this was only the tip of the iceberg of poor taste. Additionally, the founders noted that if everything in the world looked good and tasteful, it would be a very dull place.

#4 To each their own

#5 For only $10.99 you can let every visitor to your house know you are struggling

#6 Sometimes less is more, you know?

#7 Are they worshipping their TV?

#8 This is why we need hot glue gun control!

#9 Oh sweet mold-a-palooza

#10 Ah, Christmas at Memaw's

#11 Speechless

#12 Almighty toilet throne

#13 I bet the doctor stays away

#14 What psycho thought that would be okay?

#15 Lovely addition to any living room, a babydoll coffee table

#16 At least there's a place to wash your hands.

#17 Was Dr. Seuss the architect?

#18 Who mows the carpet?

#19 Aquaman's bathroom

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