Woman Asks If She Was Wrong For Kicking Her Husband's Friends Out Of The Pool

For those who are in it, marriage may be an incredibly beautiful experience. Having a life partner to share experiences with, spend time with, and rely on through both the good and the bad can be incredibly fulfilling. Being married may be a lovely and beautiful experience, but it can also be quite difficult and challenging. Why is marriage so tough? Any couple can find marriage challenging. For people who are married, these challenges frequently come and go and are a common experience. The pair will then have to face this and cope with it.
Take the woman in this story below for example. She shared her marriage experience with other people online on the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit to ask people for their opinion. And of course, it's also a way for her to vent her frustration. She stated that she was the sole income earner in her house and that her husband had been struggling to find a job for 16 months. Therefore, she is the one who pays for everything in her family. And recently, the OP had to spend a lot amount of money renovating their old pool for their kids to play in summer. But instead of letting their kids play in the pool, the husband invited his friends there to play. Scroll down to read the whole story and check out how the OP deal with this issue. If you have any opinions, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

She also added some editions:

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You are not a "DINK," then. If you don't know what it implies, it stands for "dual income, no kids." These families are among the most financially secure since they not only have two reliable sources of income but also don't have to worry about the costs associated with raising children. That seems fairly perfect, no? But...
If you are the only source of money in your household, following some helpful tips will help you prosper. Being the only source of income implies that you are responsible for paying all of your debts, bills, regular costs, and other incidental needs. That may occasionally be a really stressful load.

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