12 Things Customers Do That Retail Employees Really Don’t Like

It is obvious that many large retailers do not prioritize the interests of their staff. The mantra "the customer is always right" has elevated customers to the top of the priority list and provided merchants with a justification for treating staff poorly. It is not surprising because of the fact that a business must generate money, and that money comes from consumers. There are a lot of dos and don'ts when you work as a retail employee. For instance, you can't let anyone enter the shop without a warm greeting. Or you can't complain about Christmas music because it's playing for the customers on the holidays, not you.
Moreover, the hardest one is that retail employees have to deal with ridiculous or entitled customers. Dealing with customers can go a few different ways. It can be low-key with no drama. It can be mildly annoying. Or things can go totally off the rails and end up in a screaming match, which might make their blood boil, too. These 12 retail workers shared the things customers do that they absolutely hate. Scroll down to check them out. And tell me, have you ever done one of those things when going shopping? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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Selling items to the public is a crucial and significant component of our economy, whether it be for specialty skin care, shoes, or car. According to Select USA, the U.S. retail sector directly supports more than 42 million jobs while directly employing roughly 29 million people. This implies that you either work in retail yourself or frequently, if not always, engage with someone who does. Retail occupations are frequently demanding on both a physical and mental level. Some shoppers are uninformed or obnoxious, as seen in these 16 etiquette blunders happening right now in retail settings, while others truly want to be helpful. Unfortunately, some of the "helpful" items that consumers provide ultimately result in extra labor or irritation. Here are some "pleasant" things store employees do.

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#5. "I love my job"


#6. Customers... they’re just. No

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