22 Times Actors Had A Crush On Their Costars, Who They Couldn’t Date In Real Life

It's no surprise that many celebrity relationships begin when the stars (in question) meet on set; after all, it's no different from anybody else meeting their crush at work. Filming movies and TV shows can be exhausting, requiring actors and actresses to fully immerse themselves in the characters that they’re portraying. This sometimes requires turning into a completely different person, both physically and mentally. So, of course, real-life emotions have arisen as a result of all of this throughout the years.
As it turns out, actors have celebrity crushes just like the rest of us, from Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer's mutual desire for one another while filming Friends to the Twilight actor who were head over heels for her on-screen romantic interest. Real-life romances may not have resulted from these crushes, but it's always entertaining to speculate about what may have been. Without further ado, here are 22 celebs who have openly admitted to having huge crushes on their costars.

#1 Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter films, revealed in 2011 that Tom Felton was her "first infatuation", especially, during the first two films in the series.

Source: Emma and Tom

#2 While filming A Cinderella Story, Hilary Duff revealed to Cosmopolitan that she had love for Chad Michael Murray (2004).

Source: Love is in the rain

#3 When she replaced Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria in Twilight: Eclipse, Bryce Dallas Howard acknowledged to having a crush on Robert Pattinson.

Source: Bryce Dallas

#4 Amanda Holden, a judge on Britain's Got Talent, said to a magazine that she had a crush on her fellow judge Simon Cowell.

Source: At an event

#5 Tom Holland professed his affection for Elizabeth Olsen in an interview.

Source: Infectious smile

#6 When asked who his celebrity infatuation was, Regé-Jean Page sneakily pointed to Phoebe Dynevor.

Source: Bridgerton

#7 When Kathryn Hahn was 13, she had an unmistakable crush on Rob Lowe. Finally, she had the opportunity to satisfy her fling-y aspirations when she appeared as a guest star on Parks and Recreation and had a brief "encounter" with Lowe; good for her!

Source: Jennifer Berkley

#8 Kristen Steward said to a magazine that she had a "complete crush" on Amy Adams. Do we not all?

Source: Kristen Steward

#9 During the filming of Six Degrees of Separation, Will Smith stated that he grew so immersed in the part that he fell in love with his co-star, Stockard Channing.

Source: Will Smith

#10 Stranger Things co-star Winona Ryder has revealed that David Harbour has a "high school crush" on her.

Source: David Harbour

#11 Lana Condor of To All the Boys I've Loved Before claimed that she and her co-star Noah Centineo had a contract to set limits to avoid a love angle between them since she had a "thing" for him.

Source: So calming and relaxing

#12 Cole Sprouse admits to having a crush on Jennifer Aniston, which made acting in front of her on Friends exceedingly tough.

Source: Cole Sprouse

#13 Selena Gomez stated on a talk show that she once had a crush on her Rudderless co-star Billy Crudup. Almost Famous made us all feel that way at some point.

Source: Selena Gomez

#14 Matthew Davis developed a love on Selma Blair while filming Legally Blonde, according to Alanna Ubach.

Source: A movie with celebrity crushes

#15 While filming Legally Blonde, Jennifer Coolidge developed a crush on Bruce Thomas.

Source: See? Told you.

#16 Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer claimed they had crushes on one other at Friends: The Reunion, which surprised viewers, but not so much?

Source: Ross and Rachel

#17 Taye Diggs boldly requested Sanaa Lathan, his Brown Sugar (2002) co-star, to "create a family" with him in 2019.

Source: Brown Sugar

#18 Ashley Green of Twilight fame revealed to the media that she had a "mad crush" on Jackson Rathbone while filming the series.

Source: They look good together

#19 When viewed a footage of Sandra Bullock's interview, Keanu Reeves admits to developing a crush on her while filming Speed (1994). Surprisingly, Bullock admitted the same thing in the same footage.

Source: Keanu Reeves

#20 On the 20th anniversary of American Pie, Jason Biggs stated that he had a crush on co-star Alyson Hannigan.

Source: American Pie

#21 In 2021, Elizabeth Perkins stated that she developed a crush on Big (1988) co-star Tom Hanks. In the film, she played his love interest.

Source: This was pretty “Big” of her

#22 While filming The Hunger Games series, Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson both had a crush on each other.

Source: Woody

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