23 Fascinating Photos Of Some Of The Most Charming Men From The Previous Century, And They All Look Like Movie Stars

Nowadays, we often admire the beauty of handsome actors like Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney. The reason is simple, one of the many requirements of an actor is having an attractive face. I don’t mean you won’t have any success if you don’t have looks, but it’ll be quite a challenge. However, there are handsome men out there that have nothing to do with Hollywood. Why? Simply because they have other dreams to follow, just like us.
What does this tell us? It means that handsome men have existed throughout centuries, not just now. Good-looking lads have captured the hearts of many women, both in the past and the present. It’s no surprise that your grandma always brags about how handsome your grandpa was when he was young. Your grandma’s probably telling the truth. Try to look at your grandpa’s old photograph, and you might be in for a surprise.
Still don't believe me? See these photos of 23 charming men from the previous century to see for yourself.

#1 “My great-grandfather in his WWI uniform”

Source: © MattZig / Reddit

#2 “That strange feeling when you realize your great-grandfather was a hottie.”

Source: © karon / Imgur

#3 “My great-granddad Magnus in 1912”

Source: © junpal / Reddit

He actually looks like a movie villain DR.MAGNUS

#4 “My great-grandpa sometime in the mid-1940s”

Source: © olive716 / Reddit

He was definitely a looker back then! Now he’s a cute old man.

#5 “My grandpa in his prime, 1960s”

Source: © orasmith92 / Reddit

Your grandpa looks like Dave Franco!

#6 “My grandfather the day before he shipped out with the Marines, 1941”

Source: © aking25 / Reddit

He's the reason Eastern Europe is so attractive. Saved them in more ways than one I see.

#7 “My grandfather circa WWII. He watched Pearl Harbor happen in Hawaii and joined up. He surfed with legends in Honolulu.”

Source: © i_hate_pennies / Reddit

What a gorgeous man. I love the way he has pushed his cap back to show his style and his waving locks.

#8 “My great-grandfather at 20 years old, 1936”

Source: © ExoticCrystals / Reddit

Very debonair.

#9 “My great-grandpa”

Source: © CeramicHorses / Reddit

Nice hairlmet.

#10 “My grandpa in his early twenties, probably 22, in 1955 or so!”

Source: © littlekellilee / Reddit

Everyone in the 50’s had awesome hair.

#11 “My great-grandfather”

Source: © SaltyBarker / Reddit

I also called my great grandad Pop ?.

#12 “My dad playing cards in the Air Force, 1960s”

Source: © Watermellondrea / Reddit

#13 “My grandfather when he played for the Oklahoma Sooners”

Source: © lithium2741 / Reddit

He is awesome!

#14 “My grandfather that looked a lot like my favorite pop singer John Newman”

Source: © Viktoriya Valentinovna / Facebook

#15 “I had the most handsome grandfather.”

Source: © adamwhenderson / Reddit

Reminded me of Wally from Leave it to Beaver.

#16 “This is my great grandfather he was 19 years old when this picture was taken in 1938. After doing some research it turns out that today is 102 years since he passed away."

Source: © Khryses / Imgur

#17 “My great-grandpa, sometime in the 1940s. We never met, but I love you, gramps.”

Source: © vballq / Reddit

#18 “My grandfather back in the 1940s”

Source: © Suggs41 / Reddit

Looks like Conan O’Brien if he were a suave super spy.

#19 “My grandfather at age 19”

Source: © t-t-today / Reddit

#20 “My great-grandfather was a WWI flight instructor and I just found a photo of him.”

Source: © unknown author / Imgur

#21 “My grandfather in 1952”

Source: © BBQChipCookie / Reddit

Chill vibes!

#22 “My grandfather in Naval Flight School in 1956”

Source: © cjtm95 / Reddit

Looks a movie star.

#23 “My great-grandfather in his WWI uniform”

Source: © unknown author / Imgur

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