24 Behind-The-Scene Secrets From The Set Of Bridgerton Season 2 That Even Hardcore Fans Missed

Bridgerton is still one of the most binge-able shows on Netflix. With love and drama in every corner of the aristocratic society, it’s hard not going down this rabbit hole. And the lack of nudity featured in almost every episode in season 1 has nothing to do with the show's popularity.
While watching, Bridgerton fans are likely to notice many details. By freezing the screen frames after frames, and dissecting every scene with valor, they rival even the fiercest Marvell fans. Where do you think all those Bridgerton memes came from?
But even fans who have watched the show dozens of times don’t know everything about the show. There are behind-the-scene secrets that are only known to the actors on the show and people on set. Until now.
From the first meeting to an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, take a look at the 24 behind-the-scene secrets from the set of Bridgerton season 2 that even hardcore fans miss.

#1 Former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is a huge Bridgerton fan.

Source: NBCU Photo Bank / Via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton contacted the producer just to say she enjoyed the show!

#2 Chris and the rest of the Bridgerton team approached the sex scenes similarly to how they did in Season 1.

Source: Netflix

The producers worked meticulously on steamy scenes with the assistance of a skilled professional. Sex scenes are never done for the sake of it and will never be done again.

#3 Chris refused to say who his favorite cast member was, although he did gush a lot about Nicola Coughlan…

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Nicola, according to the show's producer, "always has everyone in stitches." This ensemble adores her. She's always available for a chat.

#4 A large portion of Season 2 was edited in the basement of Bridgerton creator Chris Van Dusen.

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

The show had to be edited digitally, so much of it was put together in the producer's basement rather than a beautiful studio, as most people would expect.

#5 Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran met the rest of the Bridgerton cast for the first time during a party scene.

Source: Colin Hutton/Netflix

Later on, there was a lot of Instagram DM-ing between the cast.

#6 Chris confesses that several moments were difficult to film owing to COVID constraints.

Source: Netflix

In the iconic ballroom scenes, it appears that there were 300-400 people there, but in actuality, there are only 30-40 people present, with CGIs used when necessary.

#7 Golda put a lot of effort into her elaborate clothes.

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Golda is double-corseted. She likes them, but wearing two corsets for so long requires a lot of endurance. The actress exercises often and drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated!

#8 Bessie Carter dyed her hair red for Season 2 but immediately regretted it.

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Every two weeks, Bessie had to go to get her roots touched up!

#9 Chris believed it was more necessary to flesh out Bridgerton's "universe" than to strictly adhere to the texts.

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

There will always be differences between the source material and the program, but the producer keeps this show faithful to the essence of the books. The series will be about civilization and the entire planet. To expand the universe, he added additional characters such as Will and Alice Mondrich, and Queen Charlotte.

#10 On set, Jonathan (Johnny) Bailey experienced an unpleasant wardrobe malfunction involving his trousers.

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

There was one scene where Johnny and his onscreen siblings were fencing, and the outfits were really tight in... certain areas. It was also a damped morning, and since the cast members were wearing plimsolls, so he made this lunge maneuver, his pants ripped at the crotch.

#11 Johnny is said to be the most prone to burst into tears on stage.

Source: BuzzFeed/Netflix

Johnny or anyone with him is the most likely to burst out laughing in between takes.

#12 Johnny believes that his upbringing enabled him to connect with his character, Anthony.

Source: Netflix

Coming from a big family, Johnny identifies with that component of Anthony's personality. He has to live for other people, something the actor could understand a little bit.

#13 This season, Golda Rosheuvel relished delving further into Queen Charlotte's mind.

Source: Netflix

Golda was thrilled to be able to express her connection with her husband, the King, who is plainly suffering from severe mental trauma, as well as to explore her more sensitive side.

#14 The screenplay is pretty much fixed in stone, and the players are not permitted to make any changes.

Source: Netflix

The actors are not permitted to replace an 'it,' a 'but,' or anything else.

#15 The Pall Mall segment, on the other hand, was largely improvised by the performers!

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

The Pall Mall sequence, where the Bridgertons and the Sharmas are on the croquet field, is so classic and so Bridgerton. There's a lot of verbal sparring and rivalry going on. The performers acted and said anything they wanted. That was the first and only time improvisation occurred on set.

#16 This season, Simone and Charithra appreciated the emphasis on South Asian participation.

Source: Netflix

It's an honor to be able to represent South Asian people and their vibrant culture. The Bollywood song included in the series is well-known.

#17 Simone had never watched a period drama before Bridgerton.

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Simone didn't watch historical dramas very much because she couldn't identify with them, maybe because she couldn't envision herself in one."

#18 Simone loved portraying Kate because she embodies the traits she values in people in real life.

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Simone admires Kate's cautious demeanor; individuals like that pique her attention in real life since you have to gain their trust before they open up to you. She liked it in people and had fun inhabiting it in Kate.

#19 Simone struggled with her corset and even vomited up on the first day of filming since she hadn't been cautioned to monitor what she ate.

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Simone realized that when she wore the corset, she didn't eat. It affects your physique... she was in a lot of discomfort with the corset, and at one point she tore my shoulder!

#20 Simone Ashley frequently brought her dog on set.

Source: simoneasshley

They are always together and have a powerful connection.

#21 On set, Newton the dog was a huge diva.

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

To be honest, Newton would only listen to Simone and no one else.

#22 He also passed out once after swallowing too many pebbles.

Source: Netflix

In one of the shots we shot outside in episode three, he continued eating all of the pebbles on the floor. I was attempting to do my job when I noticed him munching up stones. Then he passed out from eating all of them!

#23 The series had a few Easter Eggs for Bridgerton and historical romance aficionados alike.

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

We wanted to pay tribute to the 1995 film Pride and Prejudice by having Colin Firth emerging from the water.

#24 Johnny didn't feel the strain of being the main character this season, but he's relieved it's over!

Source: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Johnny is delighted the show has concluded and is excited to give the torch to someone else. Who knows, maybe it'll be tiny Will Tilston getting married next season - what a scandal!
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