20 Bosses Who Made Huge Mistakes After Their Employees Were Fired Or Quit

Does your boss experience mood swings on a regular basis? Is he or she suddenly irritated, pessimistic, or isolated for no apparent reason? This isn’t unusual, especially in a demanding, high-stress environment—but moody bosses may be a nightmare to deal with. One minute they are up, but the next minute they're down. They are unwilling to engage with others, or they have a negative attitude and look combative or snappy towards others, depending on the occasion or day.
Sometimes, they have to pay for their bad attitude. Take these bosses in this list below for example. Eventually, they come to regret one or more of the employees they either fired or forced to quit. Employers may use the list as a practical guide to determine what they should never do if they want to keep the staff they want around eternally. Scroll down to check out what happened to those bad bosses after their employees were fired or quit.

#1. When the company has their employees make their own email passcodes and passwords

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This is something that should probably not exist at all, but we believe the people in charge of making such a decision just don't care. Instead, they spend vast sums of money, and their managers are likely to believe everything is alright.

#2. Well-done!!

Source: marqchester

People must establish clear priorities, and there is no doubt that operating your business properly is the most crucial of all. This individual was on the verge of bringing in millions of dollars for their old employer, but they were mistreated, and the transactions were never completed.

#3. They messed up as firing their employee in the middle of the workday

Source: DeSeanB

Here's how one guy opted not to respond to a request to which he was under no obligation to respond under the circumstances. As you can see, this guy made the correct choice. It's beyond us how someone could choose to do this to someone and expect them to be accessible.

#4. This lesson is so hard

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This is something that this business owner should have expected to happen. You don't just fire someone on the day you part ways with them, especially if they were a vital role in the smooth functioning of your company.

#5. Poor this hella abusive boss

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They believe that karma is constantly lurking around the corner, ready to catch you off guard. Except if you always do the right thing and treat others the right way, it appears that you will never be able to escape the faith of being serviced by karma.

#6. Oops

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Regardless of the company specialty you operate in, you should never treat the person in charge of the numbers in this manner. There are several examples that back up this claim, and this is one of them. Certainly, this business owner regretted his mistake.

#7. LoL

Source: aShadowLikeMe

This is simply another example of how doing the right thing pays out in the long run, and vice versa. People appear to be disrespectful to their coworkers and employees for no apparent reason, and this example demonstrates that this is not beneficial to anybody.

#8. Another unlucky boss

Source: Quothdahraven

We're all aware that some firms have strange employee regulations including strange or stupid things, and this is one of them. Consider the company's degree of management. They should never have wished for anything like this.

#9. Hope that this boss be fine

Source: RoseLovejoy

Here's how one employee chose to take action in response to the injustice they'd received, and we can't even say we're offended by this act of vengeance. As you can see, the individual merely did their job and took advantage of the chance to retaliate against those that dismissed them in this manner.

#10. Hilarious!!

Source: RalphScenic

We all know that some coworkers aren't the best, but some are pure gold, and it's worth hanging around with them, which is exactly what occurred here. True, there are some people who would never have the bravery to leave in such a scenario, but this cook did.

#11. "Wow, that's so scary, good luck with that"

Source: haleymichaell

Another example of someone who had no idea what was about to happen — they let her leave but limited her account beforehand. As you can see, doing so was not the best decision, and the boss immediately recognized his error.

#12. Worth it!!

Source: gaveedra_seven

There are many people who believe that a single guy can command a whole department and that everything is dependent on his efforts. This is a post that demonstrates it, and we believe the person who chose another firm made the proper option.

#13. Maybe this boss was regretting about what they did

Source: the_nashbelle

The problem with being petty is that it never serves you well, and you have to learn that lesson multiple times before you understand it's not worth it. Here's an excellent illustration of what we're talking about. This employee decided to give her notice, but her supervisors were not pleased.

#14. Chaos

Source: ArizonaK1m

This is the type of thing that every smart manager should anticipate and anticipate far before it occurs. As you can see, this guy was undoubtedly responsible for the ensuing turmoil, but we assume he did nothing about it afterward.

#15. "It's not my job to remember those things

Source: CSandusky_TCC

The trouble with being overly domineering with your staff is that it will ultimately cause problems in several ways. One employer believed that others should remember everything, but this was a mistake since a former employee took all of the passwords with her.

#16. "Nope"

Source: DanaLibrarian

People sometimes believe they are doing the right thing by removing all traces of a former employee, but this is, to put it mildly, a tremendous error. This IT crew, we're guessing, learned an important lesson about not rushing things. The lesson was unquestionably costly.

#17. Secretaries are good

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This is one piece that is jam-packed with insight, and we can all understand why. A secretary is the most vital aspect of a firm, according to this person, and it's easy to see why. This is the person in charge of nearly everything.

#18. It cost an arm and a leg

Source: AEM7694

Some people are very emotional and make impulsive judgments that they subsequently regret, as was the case here. This employer wanted to demonstrate who was the superior guy, and it was only a matter of time until he realized he was mistaken.

#19. LoL

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In most situations, the moments when people recognize the value you offer to their firm are also the moments when it's too late for them to do anything. This individual has had enough and was denied a pay raise. Her choice was definite, and it was most likely for the best.

#20. Losing a decade of files is the price they had to pay

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Instead of being rational and making the most of the circumstance, individuals may respond in the following ways. The individual who was named director should have known better and should not have taken things personally, but he did, and he paid the price.
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