13 Questionable Movie KissesThat Make People Confused

Nothing deflates a film faster than a seemingly passionate kiss that appears out of nowhere. Unnecessary romance subplots are a way to turn an audience against a movie in a matter of seconds, whether you're watching a sci-fi epic or a '90s Disney movie about a child blowing through a million dollars in a week.
What factors decide if a movie kiss is unexplainable or not? A lot of things go into something like this: Is there chemistry between the leads? Is there a developing romance between the characters throughout the movie, or does it suddenly appear out of nowhere? Is it true that the kiss is creepy? Is it enough to make your skin crawl? Is it monotonous? You've landed on an incomprehensible movie kiss if you're asking yourself these questions while watching Angelina Jolie or Chris Evans kiss virtually anyone.

1. Preston And Shay In 'Blank Check'

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

It's hard to think this needs to be said, but adults and children should not be included in any list of movie kisses. You might not think that's a huge, bold statement, but movies from the 1980s and 1990s were full of it, with one of the most obvious depictions of the events occurring in Blank Check.
Preston, a 12-year-old boy, inherits a million dollars and spends it on a house, toys, and everything else he desires in this film. The FBI quickly suspects him of being involved in a money-laundering conspiracy due to his shopping binge.

2. Beverly And Howard In ‘Howard the Duck’

Source: Universal Pictures

Howard the Duck is about as strange as it gets when it comes to big-budget theatrically released pictures. If you haven't seen it yet, this bizarre comic book film is about an anthropomorphized extraterrestrial duck that visits Earth and falls in love with Lea Thompson.
To make matters worse, Beverly, Thompson's character, has a fascination for this 3-foot-tall talking duck. Howard spends the night with Bev around halfway through the film, and she makes some unorthodox advances on him. How far out are you willing to go? By the end of the scene, even Howard is crawling out of his skin.
The 1980s were undoubtedly strange, but this is something altogether else.

3. Finn And Rose Tico In  ‘The Last Jedi’

Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

This may be the most foolish of all the kisses in the Star Wars universe. There are many opinions on The Last Jedi, but everyone agrees that the kiss between Rose and Finn after the Battle of Crait is strange. This moment is technically romantic in every way. The two leads are outstanding.
They're drenched in sweat and ash from fighting, and there's a deafening explosion in the background just before the crucial time. The breath is taken out of the movie as Rose lands a little kiss on Finn's lips.

4. John And Sarah In 'Red Notice'

Source: Netflix

There will be immediate spoilers for Red Notice: The film comes to a close with the revelation that Johnson and Gadot have been working together since the beginning. Johnson is a con artist, and Gadot is his love and stealing partner. The announcement is accompanied by a kiss between the two actors that is meant to be a big surprise, but it's simply awkward.
The only way to make sense of John and Sarah's kiss is to assume Johnson and Gadot were separately green-screened into the picture and smooshed together to construct anything like a kiss. We'll remain on Team Red Notice until the sun explodes if it turns out to be the case.

5. Elise And Frank In ‘The Tourist’

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing

Now it's time for the kiss. The picture is strange to watch since there is a definite absence of chemistry between Jolie and Depp. Jolie's overdone English accent, unfit for human consumption, doesn't help matters.
The kiss that is. Jolie moves in to kiss Depp in a European hotel room, and despite the megaton amount of celebrity power these two have, the kiss is like witnessing two cardboard cut-outs rubbing cheeks with one other. The fact that there's a cutaway of Interpol personnel photographing them further adds to the strangeness of the situation.
It's as though the agents are aware of the bizarre nature of the situation.

6. Steve Rogers And Sharon Carter In ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Source: Universal Pictures

Steve is aided along the way by the niece of his long-lost love. Sharon Carter shares Steve's moral compass, so it's no surprise that the two become fast friends. The kiss Cap places on Sharon at the end of the movie, on the other hand, isn't tracked. It's an odd moment, not only since Cap was head over heels in love with Sharon's aunt but also because the two had just recently met.
To make matters even more complicated, after the Avengers beat Thanos and Steve travels back in time to live his life, doesn't that make him Peggy's uncle? It's best not to consider it.

7. Rey And Kylo In ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Thankfully, these two are unrelated, so the kiss is completely unrestricted (we're not sure what the regulations are in a galaxy far, far away, although amorous siblings are probably frowned upon), but their farewell kiss is still a mystery.
These two never had any on-screen chemistry, and Kylo spent the first two films of the series attempting to assassinate Rey using different sci-fi methods (lightsabers, giant lasers, Force choking). So, what's the deal with the kiss?
Maybe the powers just wanted to send the audience home happy, or maybe seeing Kylo transform into pure energy after killing the great villain would have been a terrible drag. In any case, it's still a memorable occasion.

8. Casey Ryback And Jordan Tate In ‘Under Siege’

Source: Warner Bros.

Casey is anxious to break some skulls, which is bad news for the mercenaries. Jordan tries to assist him as much as she can, but she's mostly restricted to standard sidekick duties like operating the radio and being abducted by the mercenaries.
Casey places a big ol' kiss on Jordan when he eventually takes control of Missouri and saves the day. The kiss itself is disgusting, but given the circumstances, these two should be in therapy rather than having a make-out session.

9. Juliet And Mark In ‘Love Actually’

Source: Universal Pictures

On Christmas Eve, Mark arrives with a stack of enormous note cards and a proclamation of his love, bringing the non-relationship to a head. Juliet is so taken aback by Mark's unexpected statement that she leaves the house she lives with her husband to make out in the snow with him.
This moment, as sweet as it is, is nonetheless really off-putting. Even if it's a pity kiss, it's still completely improper and reinforces Mark's weird conduct. Inexplicable isn't even close to describing how I feel right now; it's simply incredibly sad.

10. Ginny And Harry In 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'

Source: Warner Bros.

Folks, this is a strange one. The strangeness of this kiss extends beyond Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright's lack of chemistry - they're both young actors, and, strangely, they're kissing on camera.
There's no need for these two teenagers to kiss in the story, but fans know Harry and Ginny will marry after the events of the next volume. It would be as strange if they didn't kiss at some time. Over here in the Wizarding World, it's a no-win situation.

11. Owen Grady And Claire Dearing In 'Jurassic World'

Source: Universal Pictures

"Why is this here?" is the definition of Jurassic World. Not only is it a rehash of a brilliant Spielberg film, but everything feels a little too cynical and artificial, particularly the kiss between rivals Claire, the Jurassic World top operations officer, and Owen, the park's Velociraptor handler.
Claire repeatedly pops Owen's face with a rifle just before a dinosaur is about to bite into it and chew him up like a tiny dino snack. For a character that hasn't done anything but moans and run about in heels for most of the film, it's a really fantastic scene. The kiss, on the other hand, comes next.

12. Linguini And Colette In 'Ratatouille'

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Ratatouille is a famous animated film about a young rodent who aspires to be a cook. Remy the rat controls the actions of garbage youngster Linguini and transforms him into a gourmet sensation to realize his dream. All of this is fantastic, and if it weren't for the odd love story, Ratatouille might be one of the best films ever seen in a theater. But there's also that pesky kiss.
At best, Linguini's relationship with Colette, the restaurant's rôtisseur, is shaky. He's genuinely bad at his work, and she knows she should be in charge. Colette is just seconds away from spraying Linguini with a scalding dash of pepper spray at the incident in question, but Remy pulls his human marionette towards Colette and the kiss is broken.

13.  Superman And Lois In ‘Man of Steel’

Source: Warner Bros.

Superman can thwart Zod's plot, but only after a large portion of Metropolis has been converted into a bleak wasteland. Lois does what anybody would do after seeing the utter ruin of her hometown and two aliens beating the snot out of each other: she starts making love with Superman while her coworkers watch.
As if that wasn't awful enough, Lois stops the kiss to add, "After the first kiss, things go downhill." Isn't this the improper moment for anything like this?
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