20 Times People Failed To Understand Instructions And It Resulted In Hilarious Mishaps

Everyone like unique items. The list is limitless, whether it's a mug with your name on it from the office's secret Santa, or cheeky BFFs shirts you ordered with your bestie, or a personalised birthday cake. After all, life is one big customized order you weren't even there to place, so it's reasonable that we're fascinated with things manufactured and tailored for us. Aside from philosophy, each personalized order is a perfect storm for a disaster to occur.

#1 A Welsh classic

There's an entire section of Reddit called r/PeanutButterIsOneWord, which is a smart homage to a hilarious sequence from the BoJack Horseman sitcom. The subreddit is devoted to sharing the most hilarious cases of ordering a personalised label, following the instructions, and hoping for the best.
We met with Laura Vanagaite, a graphic designer based in Portugal, to find out what she had to say about such amusing blunders. Such unpleasant printing scenarios that occur during the procedure, Laura added, always depend on both sides.

#2 While not exactly the same as the gag, this reminded me of the show!

"When handing the final file to the person in charge of a printing procedure, it is preferable to leave specific notes and, if possible, give them the instructions face to face. It will remove any worries they may have, and you can always inquire as to how it will look in the end," Laura explained.
Miscommunication, Laura claims, is to blame for such misconceptions. "If the wording isn't clear enough or the description provides too much information, there may be some confusion." For example, if the gift is for a surprise birthday party, it's best to write everything down in the notes, provide your contact information, and tell them they can phone you if they have any questions."

#3 Generic tweet for after a debate

"As a result, it is highly dependent on both parties, and effective communication is critical in this case." If feasible, ask if they can share the final photograph of the cake, which includes text as decoration, just to double-check for any remaining errors."
To learn more about the "Peanut Butter Is One Word" Reddit community, we spoke with its moderator GrahamfieldShip, who graciously provided some insights. The subreddit's odd name comes from the TV Show Bojack Horseman, according to the admin.

#4 Not sure if this was posted before, but my first thought when I found this reddit

"On the show, a guy named Mr. Peanutbutter buys signs from a company on a regular basis, but they always include his instructions on the sign. 'CONGRATS DIANE AND MR. PEANUT BUTTER' was the first time this was used in season 1, with 'CONGRATS DIANE AND MR. PEANUT BUTTER.' "ONE WORD IS PEANUT BUTTER."
"It became a running gag throughout the series and is the origin of our sub's name," GrahamfieldShip added.

#5 Thanks to my friends, birthday time!

#6 Surprisse!!!

#7 Came across an intentional one today

#8 A friend of mine ordered a picture cake and gave the woman a thumb drive with the picture she wanted to use

#9 Association's name

#10 Parents didn’t want their son’s name printed on his school photo

#11 Seeathy

#12 Just a plane cake

#13 Oops in Arabic

#14 Happy birthday, generic men and women

#15 From a Facebook group my wife is in

#16 The instructions on a bag of rice

#17 If it's still long, let me know

#19 He did get what he wanted

#20 Sample text

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