15 Celebrities Who Become Dads After 50 And Prove It Was Worth The Wait

Is it ever too late to decide to step into fatherhood?
While many Hollywood stars get married at a very young age, some others prioritize their careers over becoming parents. At least that's how these 15 celebs have shown themselves, who have devoted themselves to their acting careers and shining in every movie they've been in. However, while many people delay that moment in their lives, some have changed their minds and decided to become fathers despite being quite old. Great news! No one regrets their decision! Jeff Goldblum, for example, became a first-time dad at 62. "Before meeting Emilie, I had never truly interacted with children and didn’t think fatherhood would be in the cards." “I never thought that I was going to do it,” he said. That's so great!
Are you curious about celebrities who became parents at their middle age and what parenthood was like for them at that age? Keep reading for more details!

#1 Jonathan Silverman became a dad when he was 51 years old.

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#2 At 51, George Clooney became a father to his twins, Alexander and Ella.

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#3 Chris Noth broke all the age barriers, becoming a father after 50. He welcomed his first child at the age of 53 and his second child at the age of 65.

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#4 Andy Cohen became a father at 50.

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#5 Hugh Grant was 51 years old when he became a father in 2011.

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#6 At 54, John Stamos became a dad to his son, Billy.

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#7 Jeff Goldblum became a father at 62.

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#8 Bryan Adams, a 51-year-old rocker, became a father for the first time.

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#9 Warren Beatty, who is now 86 and has four amazing kids, became a first-time dad when he was 54.

#10 Steve Martin welcomed his first child at the age of 67.

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#11 Richard Gere began his parenthood journey at the age of 51 with his first child. At the age of 69, he became a father for the second time.

#12 Anderson Cooper welcomed his son, Wyatt Morgan, in 2020 at age 53.

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#13 Sir Elton John became a father with husband David Furnish at 63 via surrogate.

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#14 When he was 54, Simon Cowell became a father to his son, Eric.

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#15 When David Letterman was 56 years old, he had his first kid.

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