25 Cringe Photos Full Of So Much Pain

A very intense cringe moment has a unique quality to it. The air thickens, and you begin to feel the gravitational pull of densely packed cringe. And the inevitable gut-twisting begins, no matter how much you fight it. Scroll down to see the list of the 25 cringe photos full of pain


When it's paired with the true melancholy of someone who has completely lost touch with reality, it's even worse. There is a depleting sense of utter despair, in addition to the gut-wrenching secondhand embarrassment. What kind of person could be that irrational? What right turn did they make when they should've made a left to get to this point of unimaginable embarrassment?
It's not a pleasant feeling. However, exposing yourself to small dosages is the greatest way to prevent yourself against sickness.


Whatever else may divide us, there are certain fundamental things that unify us, regardless of our background, race, or creed: our love of cat pictures, our desire for longer weekends, and—finally—remembering really awful situations from the past that still make us wince and facepalm. Remember that embarrassing thing you did in sixth grade, at that college party, or last week at work? That's right, it's time to think about it again.


What's worse is failing to see when someone is making a complete fool of themselves and making others feel extremely uncomfortable. Others can't help but screenshot people's messages and internet posts to share with the world when they're so ignorant. It's the ideal how-to manual for what we should never, ever do, and we have created a list of all the times people were completely unaware of their own cringe.
Vote up the images that made you lose absolute faith in humanity, and tell us which of these screenshots you liked most. It's best for us to embrace these moments rather than disdain them.

















#20 Cringe photos

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