5 Worst Cases Of Bad Parenting In The MCU, Ranked

As MCU fans, you start to pick up on the common threads in their works: Goofy jokes as comic relief, big CGIs battle at the climax, and awesome end-credit scenes. And of course, parental issues.
Yes, the MCU has a weird thing going on when it comes to parenting and parental figures. While Any-Man Scott Lang is undoubtedly a good dad, and Queen Frigga is a doting mom to both her children, most if not all other parental figures in the MCU have made us want to call child services a few times.
Being one of the most important figures in their formative years, these parental figures have a great influence on MCU heroes’ personalities. By that logic, these 5 MCU parents must have done a number on their children, to turn them into such pieces of work!

#5 Yondu

Yondu “adopted”, read “kidnapped” Peter Quill from Earth. He then tried to turn the young man into something helpful. The result: an intergalactic thief. Yondu also threatened Peter’s life if he did not comply.
He is still the good father, however, sacrificing his life for Peter at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Compared to Peter’s real father Ego, Yondu deserves the “Father of the Year” award.

#4 Howard Stark

Howard Stark was not the best father figure for genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist Tony Stark. The typical example of a distant father figure, Howard was always absent from his life, being too preoccupied with work. The lack of attention to his needs causes Tony to grow up feeling inadequate. He attempted to hide it with arrogance and an overinflated ego as a result.
Howard isn’t a heartless father, however. In a video message, his father informed him that Tony was "his finest invention." For an inventor that was responsible for many technological advances in SHIELD, you don’t get a compliment better than that.

#3 Dreykov

It's insane to put your daughters under stress and duress, yet that's precisely what Dreykov did to Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova. He subjected them to harsh training and deprive them of their freedom.
Dreykov tortured and converted many other young girls into professional killers for his goal.

#2 Thanos

You would think him snapping away half of the galaxy is the worst thing Thanos can do. But he can certainly outdo himself. A twisted version of a “tough love” father, he tormented his children and raise them into tough and unfeeling beings.
Thanos also pits his children against one another. Nebula even details that each time she lost to Gamora, Thanos would replace a part of her with a cybernetic transplant. The most awful thing he does to his children happens in Avengers: Infinity War. He sacrifices Gamora for the Soul Stone by throwing her over a cliff.

#1 Odin

Odin may be oblivious to the fact that he was not a good parent to any of his kids. He constantly compares his two sons, leaving the latter unhappy and insecure, and the first boastful and arrogant. His favoring Thor as a more fitting heir than Loki also causes problems between the two brothers.
As revealed in Thor: Ragnarok, Odin had a daughter named Hela, whom he exiled after she rebelled against him. Given his track record, he probably did something to Hela to turn her into the wicked goddess.
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