20 People Experiencing the Suckage of Life

Some days are difficult, and some are much more difficult. Perhaps you missed the bus and had to walk a mile in the rain, or perhaps you forgot your wallet at home and had to settle for a glass of water for lunch. However, no matter how horrible your day appears to be, someone is always having it worse.

#1 “Went to ride my bike yesterday for the first time this year, fell, and broke my arm.”

Have you ever gone to get into your car and accidentally pushed the door frame off the hinges? What if you left your passport and boarding card in the airport bathroom and were discovered two hours later?

#2 Pain

Have you ever been stung by a porcupine or discovered cows had been living in your newly constructed home for a few months? Doesn't seem so horrible now, does it? Forgetting your lunch at home?

#3 “Accidentally rolled over it with my desk chair…”

Some people believe that exercising can help you feel better when you're having a bad day. Others feel that whether you have a good or bad day is mostly determined by your attitude. Those who have lived through the worst of days will tell you that it takes a little bit of both to get back on your feet. However, there are those cases in which it appears that nearly nothing will assist!

#4 “Yeah, but I bet not very many of you have broken your hand playing miniature golf.”

#5 “Ball got punctured by the only spike in a tree”

#6 “Ran out of fuel 10km out of town. Thought I could make it”

#7 “$300 Blender Container blows apart grinding parmesan cheese.”

#8 “Pepper grinder broke mid grind.”

#9 Mistakes were made

#10 “I really should’ve tied my hair together.  Still have much left but damn that hurt”

#11 “This bagel sandwich I got from a local coffee stand”

#12 “It’s apparently a skip day that I wasn’t aware of”

It can be extremely tiring to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Mornings should be about starting fresh and new, but there are certain days when things don't go so well right away. Maybe you bumped your head on the shower door, stubbed your toe, or realized you forgot to buy coffee last night and there isn't any in the home. While all of these things are awful, they are nothing compared to these amusing photographs of people having a bad day.

#13 “Dog chewed through the wire that connects my home to the internet when I popped out today.”

#14 “RV fire in a parking lot.”

#15 “My bowl violently disassociated itself from itself while I was thawing a chunk of frozen soup.’

#16 Welp

#17 “Ordered a comforter and linens and got a watering can.”

#18 “Opened the fridge & the salsa exploded covering me and the fridge.”

#19 “Went to grind some salt on my breakfast and this happened”

#20 “After several days without my glasses, an eye exam, and overnight shipping on new glasses; I found them tangled in a cable under my desk”

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